Where to Visit to Live the High Life for Low Prices

Whenever we think of holidays, a thousand questions can swirl around in our minds; where do we want to go? What’s the weather going to be like? What kind of sights are we going to take in? And, perhaps most prevalent of all, how much is it going to cost? Everybody likes to find a bargain, but when it comes to holidays you often get what you pay for.

No one considers waiting during flight delays, unnecessary transfers or shoddy accommodations particularly enjoyable, let alone vacation-worthy.

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So does this mean you can’t live the high life on a low budget? Of course not; it just depends on how hard you look and how creative you get with your holiday plans. After all, as easy as they can be, package holidays can often cost a lot more than the sum of its parts, and hunting down individual elements of a vacation can yield some fantastic savings (and even more spectacular results).

When luxurious villas can often ask for thousands of pounds to stay for a weekend, finding enchanting accommodations for a fraction of the price can really feel like a steal. With unforgettable, sun-drenched and superb vacations in mind, the getaway experts at Complete Holiday Homes consider some of the places that you can visit with a reasonable budget but live akin to royalty.

The Canary islands, high life

The Canary Islands

Whether you’re looking to lounge around and soak up the sun or experience some breath-taking sights during a good hike, the Canary Islands offers a sublime vacation. Those visiting these wonderfully warm islands can experience the local cuisine at incredibly fair prices, all whilst taking in the idyllic surroundings essentially anywhere you go. While the Canary Islands presents beautiful beaches to enjoy and stunning natural wonders like the Mount Teide National Park, the real selling point is just how easy it is to enjoy the culture in luxury.

Return flights can cost around £160 to £220 (depending on the time of year) and gorgeous villa accommodations can cost as little as £40 a night. These can include private homes with hot tubs, beach views and pools, granting guests a taste of the high life for a week for around £500. For comparison, this price tag can normally only get you a weekend package deal to certain European spots, instantly giving you more paradise for your pounds.

Madeira, Portugal

Madeira, Portugal

Much like the Canary Islands, the Portuguese paradise of Maderia features bountiful beaches and is surrounded by a deep blue sea. This island offers exceptional value for visitors, with tantalising seafood sold almost everywhere and opportunities for enthralling activities around every corner. Scale Europe’s highest cliffs, the Girao Cliffs, take to the sea and go whale watching, or soothe your body & soul in some of Madeira’s natural sea lava pools.

Sticking to a similar budget as the previous entry, you can easily find luxurious villas to rent from around £200 to £280 for an entire week, with some boasting both sea and mountain views as well as private pools. Sizes vary, of course, but even the most modest of accommodations can cosily fit two with ample room for lofty lounging. Flights might cost a little more, ranging at approximately £250 for a return flight, but for a secluded getaway, it’s harder to imagine anywhere better.

Corfu, Greek islands, high life

Corfu, Greek Islands

Due to the variety offered when choosing between the Greek Islands, it can be tough to nail down just one place to stay for an entire week. However, there are certainly some spots that justify committing an entire trip to, with Corfu being one of them. The natural abundance of beaches are present here, but the incredible diversity of wildlife and flowers makes the island really feel alive. There’s also the sound of Greece perpetually ringing through the island, with musicians playing everywhere from bars to beaches.

Corfu does offer plenty of charming villas to relax in, but their prices are steeper than previous entries. Villas complete with luxurious elements like private pools can cost around £530 for the week, so you may wish to consider arguably more opulent options for a cheaper alternative. Luckily these include 5-star hotels, which offer sumptuous food in their restaurants and infinity pools that gaze out to the sea, which can cost around £600 for two with flights included.

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