Why You Should Blog Your Travels

Travelling is what most people want to do. May it be near or far, we would love the freedom to go anywhere to discover new things, places, food, culture, and many more! It gives one a new and unforgettable experience and thus, people find various ways in order to preserve their memories even longer. One of the common types is through blogging.

Are you interested in starting a travel blog but you still have hesitations about starting? Maybe it’s because you don’t know where to post your story or which website to share it to. It could be the lack of time you need in order to think and build up your whole story, or the fear of not having enough “good” writing skills which makes one not post their blog. Sometimes, it’s not about the technicalities itself, some of you may be thinking, “What’s in it for me? What value can it give to my life?

Well, here are some reason you might want to start a travel blog:

  • It helps you build connections
blog helps create connections
Business Network People Business Networking

Building a travel blog helps you connect and network with people from different places. It’s not just with your readers but also with other travel bloggers, video creators, travellers, photographers, and people in the travel industry.

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In my travels, I have gotten extended help from fellow travelers and locals because of people who have read my travel entries. They guided me on locating the best restaurants, showed me places which are not popular with tourists, and gave me more information on what a certain place has to offer.

Whether you meet these kinds of people in social media or in real, you get the opportunity to collaborate and learn travel tips from them as well.

  • You help contribute your knowledge to other travellers

The Internet is a digital library of knowledge and experiences. Help contribute to that library and help other people who are also curious to know more about the world.

Somewhere out there in the world, there is a person with the same sentiments, dilemmas, and musings as you. You become a teacher and a guide to others.

Posting reviews? You are letting someone know if a place is worth visiting or not. Posting your travel problems? Your posts are helping someone out there who is also a lost traveler. Posting about a bad hotel experience? Help other travelers avoid it and help the hotel improve their business.

  • Possibility for travel perks and sponsorships
blog helps create travel perks and sponsorships
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Creating a travel blog should not be for the sole purpose that you want to earn money from it and you also should not expect that you will make lots of money with your travel blog right away. Otherwise, you might end up quitting if you do not get the results you want right away.

However, if you want to start a blog for the sole purpose of writing about your passion and love for travel, then if your travel website starts to get traction and acquire more readers, you can monetize it for affiliate marketing links related to the travel industry, sponsorships, advertisements, and travel perks.

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Lots of travellers were already able to create a successful travel blog that helps sustain their travels. Thanks to the advertisements, sponsorships, affiliate and content marketing, it was able to sustain their travel lifestyle.

Just imagine being able to write about the places you have visited and earn money from it!

  • You preserve your memories much better
blogs helps build memories
IC: Pixabay

There are lots of ways to preserve your travel memories. From taking pictures and having them developed for your albums or posting them on social media like Facebook and Instagram, journaling your thoughts and musings into a private diary, sending postcards to friends and family among others, but nothing is as satisfying as building a community with thousands of anonymous readers from all over the world.

With writing down your travels on a website and posting your photos, you get to establish a community where discussions can be sparked. If you also have any reviews about a certain place, you can put it up on your website and ask for other people’s opinions and talk about it.

If at this point, you still haven’t created a travel blog, you can try to check out the hPage website builder where you can create a free website, no strings attached. Create articles, blog your thoughts, and post your photos on the gallery to create a slideshow.

Remember, the secret to getting ahead is to get started!


Anne Balad is the digital strategist for hPage.com, a free website builder that lets you create your own personal website. Find her on Twitter @annebalad.

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