5 Places in Lucknow that Breed the Paranormal. Be Scared!

Paranormal Lucknow
Lucknow railway station
Charbagh Railway Station, Lucknow

Lucknow is known as a city that has seen various wars, mass executions, happening before. In a blend of a few passing’s with meandering spirits lead to spooky areas in the city itself. Today, we are discussing, 5 most frequented spots in Lucknow where various apparitions meander. The dominant parts of these ugly areas belong to the British while some of the forts and sites are antiquated, and hold a dreadful environment that pulls in individuals that love everything thrilling and horror.

Paranormal Lucknow
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If you are going to Lucknow from Mumbai, and since you are the one-night crawler, you are looking for the red-eye Mumbai to Lucknow flights, then wait a moment! First, confirm if the destination you are heading to in Lucknow has any of the following sites on this route. If yes, then buddy, better avoid the late night landing, or take an alternate tour. Otherwise, if you are one brave heart and kind of enjoy these thrills, then no problem, go ahead, but at your own risk!

  1. Balrampur Hospital

This hospital stands on a graveyard which was meant for British troopers. The appearance of apparitions became a force to be reckoned with when a secretive operation was led on a patient a couple of decades prior. The operation was executed by two baffling obscure specialists who couldn’t be followed after the cross-examination. This hospital is feared by everyone in this locality. Patients are frequently startled by sudden commotion or strides down the passageway when there is nobody around. They have additionally experienced the fear when a dreadful face shows up at the window and abruptly vanishes.

  1. Railway Quarters

Moving ahead towards the chronicled railway quarters in Lucknow.  It is not the complete Quarter that is spooked but rather, a different section of this complex that is a breeding ground for the paranormal activities in this area. The quarter was named Turrets and was apportioned to Bill Turner, the central specialist of the Oudh Rohilcund Railways. It is said that once Turner found his wife in an objectionable position with a young British officer. In a state of fury, he shot the two lovers and committed suicide as well. Turner’s ghost is reportedly haunting the site till date.

  1. Sikandra Bagh

After mercilessly slaughtering a large number of Indians, 72 Britishers died and were buried in the grounds of Sikandra Bagh. The assemblages of Indians were left to decay there. After dusk, faint cries and wails have been reportedly heard by locals. They have experienced spooky presence across the grounds and sudden chilly temperatures after twilight. The spot holds a scary hush and a negative vitality covers the spot lodging these souls.

  1. Nirala Nagar

Nirala Nagar nestles right in the midst of the city, yet, despite its bustling boulevards and dynamic life, this colony has an eerie vibe to it. This state was as far as anyone knows based on a place that is known for graves, a cremation ground, peepal tree, five mosques and couple of sanctuaries. Whoever lives in this settlement is known to have faced downfall in their career or personal life. Not many kids are found in this region. There is an obscure hush which envelopes this colony and locals have numerous times reported that they have heard the faint commotion of kids cries and spooky ghosts going into nothingness.

  1. OEL House

The OEL house is a ramshackle structure and was once the site of mass slaughtering of officers when a fire broke out amid the 1957 rebellion. The well in this house was utilized for dumping the burnt bodies of the soldiers. At that point onwards the spirits meandered aimlessly and frequented this house and its encompassing. Recently, the Vice Chancellor of Lucknow University began residing here and encountered these paranormal affairs. Stories have been heard about the VC’s driver’s child being possessed by the detestable spirits as he tossed stones into the well just to receive faint wails and cries consequently. He died a miserable death after this abhorrent ownership.

Well, who knew that the city that is known for its irresistible Awadhi cuisine, and the classy Chikankari embroidery details, also has this dark, spooky side to it. Now that you are well acquainted with this side of Lucknow, beware!

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