Nutritious Basmati Rice To Add Richness To Your Dish

The market is flooding with hundreds of inferior quality basmati rice and the customers should be very cautious while selecting it.  Most of the products sold in the market come with added colors and other dangerous preservatives which will damage the body in the long run. So, decide to purchase only high-quality rice.

Products that are manufactured by M/s Amira Nature Foods are trustworthy and come with very high quality. M/s Amira Foods is headquartered in Dubai, UAE and is promoted by the leading business baron Mr. Kiran. He is the CEO of this world-class company and also the kingpin behind the success of this million dollar company. He is into the basmati trading for the past three decades and in the headlines always for positive reasons. This company tops the chart in sales and profit and meet the requirement of both wholesaler and retailer.

Amira Basmati Rice

This famous company procures basmati rice that is grown in the fields of small farmers at the foothills of the Himalaya. Customers can also purchase other products such as organic rice, ready-made meals, snacks and other such nutritious products from this website. Amira went public on the NYSE during 2012. Basmati rice that is manufactured by this company is sold in metallic gold packaging. Homemakers and other world-class hotels those who are purchasing this rice are very happy with the aromatic flavor and ingredients. The packets are selling like hot cake throughout the world and the demand for this high-quality basmati rice is growing rapidly.

Rice That Has Natural Flavors

Rice that is manufactured, processed and supplied by this company is categorised as Best Basmati rice in India. There are different types of basmati rice that is sold by this company such as Traditional, Indian, Brown, Pure, Indigo extra long, Good length Slim N Slender and Whole grain. This rice comes with extraordinary taste and will melt quickly in the mouth. The grain is 2.5 times longer than the ordinary basmati rice which is sold elsewhere. Basmati rice that is sold here is available in a variety of packages such as 1 kg, 5 kg, and 10 kg. Customers can add this world-class basmati rice in a variety of foods such as Continental, Indian, Intercontinental and Chinese cuisine. Taste of these products will stir the soul and leave the customer spellbound.

Try this export quality rice for the upcoming festivals and occasions. Everyone will love the rich flavour and taste and they will finish off the food that is mixed with this high-quality rice very quickly and will ask for more. Prepare nutritious cuisines with the help of this lengthy rice and serve it hot to the guests and family members. Customers will become an addict to the aromatic flavor of all the products that are sold here and become a regular visitor to this website. This rice has lots of nutritional substances like carbohydrates, protein, sugars, dietary fiber, potassium, and other such ingredients. This rice is prepared in the state-of-the-art treatment plant and packed as per international standards.



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