WPC: H20-The Waterfall

H2O is the chemical formula for water. It describes water broken down into its elements.

For me, the waterfall symbolises unleashed creativity in a constant fluid shape that is ever-changing and renewing. It symbolises openness, flexibility, power, form and spirituality which is a primordial symbol association with water in its countless expressions.

Gushing waterfall inside the botanical garden


In literature, water is associated with a symbol of change and is present at turning points. In most cultures, it is a sign of life. Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, was motivated to contemplate on the waterfall as the continuous evolution of beings. The drops of water which come together to form a waterfall are renewed each second.


Kodaikanal waterfalls
Kodaikanal waterfalls

The waterfall symbolises unharnessed elemental motion. The force field that one needs to master and control one’s spirituality or spiritual being. The waterfall is symbolic of lastingness of form despite the change of content. Waterfall symbolises immense release of emotion, rejuvenation and renewal of spirit. The four elements of life on our planet of which water is the crucial element and the waterfall, in particular, is continuous creation and renewal.

*/This post was inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge: Symbol earlier and now H2O. For this week’s challenge, share a photo that features H2O; the element of water. Water comes in many different states and guises./*

*/ Please do not use photos without permission. */

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19 thoughts on “WPC: H20-The Waterfall”

  1. Very interesting. I have a recurring dream of water getting deeper and moving over the paths and roads. Maybe its because we had bad flooding here a couple of years ago. But waterfalls are beautiful.

    1. Hey! I am glad you liked the post. I read somewhere about water dreams. There are too many things in your life which are overwhelming you and consuming all your time and effort.You may feel like you lack control, but dreaming of a waterfall is a great dream symbol. It means cleansing and a new beginning. You might be getting a fresh start on life.

      1. I think the overwhelmed is more likely correct! I’m caring for a disabled hubby and looking after grandchildren 5 days a week! I blog in the middle of the night which is my only ME time!

        1. It is good that you have your ME time. You have an interesting blog and do continue blogging so that I can keep visiting your blog for more interesting posts. 🙂

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  3. Well chosen symbol. I am impressed by the work of the late Dr Masaru Emoto with water crystals. The importance of water is more than we are aware of.

    1. Thank you for stopping by. Glad you liked the symbol.Will surely read Dr. Masaru Emoto’s works on water crystals. 🙂

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