7 Glamorous and Affordable Hotels In Europe

A lot of people have this misconception that if you visit Europe, you would have to shed out a whole lot of your money just to be able to afford the costs of living there. Also, many people think that booking hotels in Europe are so pricey to the point that they will just choose to settle for cheap and not so neat ones rather than on the glamorous ones. Well, that may be a fact but there are ways in order to maximize your money in Europe.

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If you are heading to Europe and you want to check in at a glamorous yet affordable hotel, you are on the right page:

  1. Oba Hotel
Hotels in Europe
(photo source: tripadvisor)

This hotel is one of the most famous cheap hotels in Europe. This may be affordable but it is still gorgeous and Instagram-worthy. If you are looking for a doll house-like hotel to check in, Oba Hotel is definitely the place to be.

  1. Hotel Mangalemi
Hotels in Europe
(photo source: hotel room search)

Hotel Mangalemi is a hotel that will take you to a trip down memory lane as it looks old yet sophisticated. It’s not the modern type of hotel but if you are looking for a budget place to stay but still wants to feel like a king or queen, you should definitely check this place out!

  1. Mithra Cave Hotel
Hotels in Europe
(photo source: hotels.com)

Imagine a cave that was turned into a hotel? Well, this place is not really a cave but your imaginations will totally run wild if you book in this hotel. This place is definitely one of the best hotels in Europe!

  1. Brothers Hotel

This place is great for those who want to isolate themselves from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Check-in here is like having your own home in Europe. This place is great for the family!

  1. Hotel Boutique Alocaba
Hotels in Europe
(photo source: tripadvisor)

This boutique hotel looks so regal and white and if you want to experience a VIP treatment on a budget, this is the place to be. You will sure experience a calm and relaxing mood when you are here. The staffs are very accommodating and you also get to have complimentary breakfast on your first stay.

  1. Glewstone Court
Hotels in Europe
(photo source: something blue photography)

If you really want to feel like a local in Europe then the Glewstone Court is the best place to be. It is designed like the traditional houses that you would often see in Europe. You will surely get what you pay for if you book in this hotel!

  1. Hotel Palazzo Dei Mercanti
Hotels in Europe
Image source – tripadvisor

This hotel is like a palace and a lot of people are going here to experience its beauty. Hotel Palazzo Dei Mercanti has excellent service and great staff as well. You will surely feel at home.

Going to Europe is not that expensive if you know how to use your money well. Again, there are always cheaper and better options no matter what.

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Mark Aldrin Hipolito is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta Accommodation, one of Australia’s modern and luxurious hotels in the suburban district. Mark Aldrin gives hotel tips and hacks to help people make the most out of their vacation.

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