Is Ahmedabad city boring to visit?

Well, on a recent trip to Ahmedabad city this is what I found

If you don’t like authenticity, then it is very boring.

Ahmedabad city is for Gujarat, what Mumbai is for India. Gujaratis are divided into Kutchhi, Kaathiyawadi, Maarwadi, Maldhari, Jain and well, many others.

If you don’t like Humbleness, then it is very boring.

Ahmedabad city still possesses the humility and politeness passed on to it from the times of Mahatma Gandhi. Respecting that, Ahmedabad was declared the safest city in India

If you don’t like Modern cities, then it is very boring.

  • Rolls Royce showroom,
  • Riverfront,
  • The revolving Patang Hotel,
  • The bustling BRTS Buses.
  • Glass curtained buildings
  • Air-conditioned public transport
  • Booming real estate

If you don’t like Educational Hub, then it is very boring.

  • IIM-A for Management,
  • NID for designing,
  • MICA for Advertising,
  • GNLU for Law, IIT Gandhinagar for technology,
  • Ahmedabad Dental College for obviously, Dentistry

If you don’t like Divines, then it is very boring.

Sidi Sayed Jaali in a mosque, Ahmedabad city
Mosque of Sidi Sayed Jaali in Ahmedabad Image credit Vrajesh Jani
  • Sidi Sayed Mosque, which brags the gorgeous Sidi Sayed Jali,
Iscon Temple
  • The Iskcon Temple,
Akshardham Temple, Ahmedabad city
Akshardham Temple | by RussBowling
  • Akshardham (technically, in Gandhinagar, but not that far from Ahmedabad),
  • Mahudi (popular amongst Jains, and close to Ahmedabad)

If you don’t like Activeness, then it is boring.

Don’t be deceived. Active stands for active to eat.

Ahmedabad city is not just about Dhokla, Faafda, Haandva, Thepla as known in the popular culture. ‘Amdavadi’ cuisine has gone on a roll, with Barbequeauthentic Italian, Mexican, Thai, Continental, European restaurants coming up.

Mahudi or Sukhdi, Ahmedabad city
Sukhadi is an Indian Sweet mostly consumed by Jain Community. It is made from flour, jaggery, and Ghee (clarified butter).
Image credit Maitrikvora21

Then there is the ‘Manek chowk’, for the hunger hunters, whose stomach goes bananas in the midnight. (Imagine, Mahudi, a rather religious place, is popular amongst many people for its Prasad ‘Sukhdi’. Food is religion, practised by all!)

If you don’t like Beauty, then it is very boring.

When you see the

Thol Lake, Ahmedabad city
Thol Lake – Gujarat, India – Flickr – Emmanuel Dyan (7
  • Sunrise at the Thol lake, or
  • The chirping birdsat the Nalsarovar Bird Century, or
Kankaria lake, Ahmedabad city
Kankaria Carnival
Image credit Sagar Joshi
  • The sunset at the Kankaria lake,

you’ll get to know the real meaning of beauty.

Well, if you like Alcohol, then it is surely boring for you.

Yes, it’s a dry state. Ahmedabad stands up as an example for the country. This doesn’t mean, that Ahmedabad has no place to party at, but you can rest assure that no drunk man/woman is creating a nuisance on the streets.

If you don’t like Dazzling, then it is very boring.

Dazzling with celebrations.

  • Biggest Kite festival – Read more about it here
  • The most colourful Garba
  • The loudest of Diwali
  • The simplicity of Moharram
  • Rathyatra

All calmly embedded in Ahmedabad’s culture, as it dazzles in celebration every now and then.

And lastly, they are always in ‘Majja ma‘ (they are always fine and chilled.)

Authentic, Humble, Modern, Educational-hub, Divine, Active, Beautiful, Alcohol-Free, Dazzling!

Ahmedabad is a boring place if you are in search of Mumbai Chowpatty or any other beach on weekends!

Ahmedabad city, Sabarmati Riverfront
Sabarmati Riverfront Ahmedabad
  • But, hey! The city of Ahmedabad is having ever-fascinating and beautiful SABARMATI RIVERFRONT
Sabarmati Riverfront gardens, Ahmedabad city
Glimpses of the gardens at Sabarmati Riverfront
  • This is the very place where there was a meeting between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese Prime Minister Xi Jinping.

Ahmedabad is a boring place if you are a night-life addict since City doesn’t have any nightclubs or pubs.

  • But, hey! You can certainly visit Manek Chowk, S.G. HighwayC.G. Road to get a glimpse of what night-life actually means in Ahmedabad!

Ahmedabad is a boring place if you can’t get mingle with its pace and people.

  • But, hey! Amdavadis are humble. They possess helping nature. If you have lost your way, they are faster than Google maps. They will even take you to your destination.

Ahmedabad is a boring place if you don’t know the meaning of Heritage and Culture.

  • But, hey! The Uptown is extremely rich and fully filled by colourful culture. Every class of Amdavadi visits uptown at-least once during Diwali for shopping. Uptown comprises of various markets where you get the fragrance of oneness and unity.
  • Above all, City’s pride Ellis-bridge enhances your cinematic views of the city.
  • There is a concept of living in Pol, where people from various parts of Gujarat, different religions live together on the same street.

Ahmedabad is a boring place if you are looking for any lush green campus.

  • But, hey! Ahmedabad is blessed to have world-class and renowned university campuses such as IIM-AhmedabadD. College of Engineering, Nirma University. All these campuses may leave you in wonders!

Ahmedabad is a boring place if you can’t get along with City’s public transportation.

  • Ahmedavadis proudly travel in the ever fast and cheap BRTS buses. (AC bus you know!)

Ahmedabad is a boring place if you can’t travel enough to explore its eye-catching surroundings such as Nal Sarovar, Thol lake, Polo forest etc.

UNESCO has declared Ahmedabad a world heritage city. Ahmedabad became the first heritage city in India.

Jama Masjid

Dada Hari wav

Sidi Sayeed Masjid

Modhera Sun Temple

Ahmedabad attractions

Kankaria Lake

Science city

Sardar Dam

Gandhi Ashram

River Front

Kite festival

Only in the first or second week of January.

Nal Sarovar

So, do you think Ahmedabad city is a boring city to visit?

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