Airline Carry On Restrictions:
Check the Rules Before You Fly

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Both frequent air travelers and first time flyers need to know about airline carry on restrictions.

With so many regulations and different airlines, everyone has to wonder about which items you must pack away and those that you can bring with you in the cabin.

First, keep in mind that carry on luggage rules are strictly enforced and you must abide by them to make sure that you avoid any unnecessary inconveniences when boarding your flight.

Due to the many safety precautions that airlines take to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight, airline carry on restrictions are imposed on all airline travelers.

Despite the hassles and annoyances, carry on restrictions are in place for safety reasons, yours and your fellow passengers as well. These rules were thought off well and they are designed to make your trip a lot safer and stress free.

Backpack -airline restrictions

These days, new airline carry on regulations also take into account the space that your things will occupy, the weight of your luggage, and more importantly, the items which are contained in your bags.

The total size including height, width, and length of your luggage should not exceed 45 inches (22″x14″x9″) in most airlines. However, there are other airlines that allow up to 51 inches.

And remember that your carry on items should be small enough to fit into the overhead bin and the one located under the seat in front.

Additionally, the weight of the luggage you bring with you is also an important consideration. Most airlines limit the total weight of carry on luggage at 40 pounds while there are a few that may allow a passenger to bring up to 50 pounds of luggage.

Besides the weight and size of your luggage, you need to consider the actual items that you bring into the plane.

Airlines impose many limitations as to what items you can bring because of the possibility that these items may pose a danger.

Liquid soaps and hand sanitizers are not restricted because of their actual contents but because of the containers.

It’s possible to bring these products aboard the plane if you transfer them to an allowable container okayed by the airline.

Other airline carry on restrictions may include the following items:

  • Gargle products and shaving creams
  • Deodorants, colognes, and perfumes
  • Cigarette lighters and other fire producing equipment
  • Lotions, moisturizers, and many different kinds of creams
  • Gel candles and all other items with gel like properties