Tasmania may not be the most famous tourist spot in the world but it is one of the most picturesque and eyegasmic places you will ever see. Tasmania is located in Australia. It is considered an island state and it widely known for its rugged and vast areas with beautiful sceneries and reserves to enjoy and witness. If you love a nature-filled destination then Tasmania is the best place to be because you will surely have that country-side vibe when you visit the place.

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  1. Hobart
Tasmania, encyclopedia Britannica

photo source: encyclopedia Britannica

Hobart is the capital of Tasmania. It represents a lot about the whole Tasmanian community and that it preserves great culture and history. Hobart can be found near the River Derwent. It has a lot of wonderful cottages, mountains and cycling trails so you will really enjoy taking photos with your family and friends!



  1.  Freycinet National Park
Tasmania source- summitpost

(photo source: summitpost)

If you are looking for sandy beaches then the Freycinet National Park is the place to be! This place is great for those who would like to have camping and tea building with their family and friends. One great thing about the Freycinet National Park is that it is surrounded by peninsulas which could actually be your backdrop when you take your pictures!

  1.  Launceston
Tasmania coutesy- realestate.com

(photo source: realestate.com.au)

If you visit this city, you will have a panoramic view of the whole place. This place is one of the most frequented places in Tasmania and it can be found in the northern part of Tasmania. Launceston is believed to be the second largest city in Tasmania next to Hobart. If you want a neighborhood vibe, Launceston is the place to be. Grab your bags and cameras and head now to this beautiful place!

  1.  Cradle Mountain
Tasmania, Australian Geographic source

(photo source: australian geographic)

For the mountain lovers, Cradle Mountain is definitely something that you should not miss. It is probably one of the most lovely and scenic places on earth as the Cradle Mountain can be found at the central highlands region of the australian state of Tasmania. The hike up the mountain is quite hard but it’s definitely worth it! This is something that should be part of your bucket list.

  1.  Russell Falls
Tasmania, source- wise wilderness

(photo source: wise’s wilderness)

Lastly, Russell Falls. For those who would like to take a dip in the water and take a shower in the falls, this is the place to visit! This is also located at the central highlands of Tasmania so it’s not really that far from Cradle Mountain.

Tasmania may be a small place in Australia but it is actually one of the most scenic places on earth. Consider visiting this place and you will surely not regret anything! Take photos and capture memories with your loved ones!


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