Bandra, as you may know, is The Queen of Mumbai Suburbs.

But have you explored the Old Bandra?

It has undergone a huge transformation with the green cover reducing and giving rise to skyscrapers, clubs and new restaurants.

The restaurants long ago were run by locals, bakeries serving fresh bread. The new restaurants that have come up serve modern, global cuisines and crowds throng to this part of the city to dine here.

There was a time when life in Bandra was much more pleasant and relaxed. There were heritage cottages and bungalows which are slowly being taken up by land sharks.

#Bandrabyfoot initiative was taken up by fellow bloggers Branded Bawi and Sweet Annu to take Bandra lovers on a heritage walk to explore this heritage of Bandra.

So, we decided to go for an old Bandra walk [tweetshareinline tweet=”#Bandrabyfoot” username=”wizmagic1″] and here is what we found.

The beautiful old cottages in old Bandra

Walking into the old lanes of Bandra in Ranwar village fascinated everyone.

Runwar village square postcard in Bandra
Old homes of Bandra postcards by Prashant Miranda

Street art

The Portuguese inspired homes and beautifully carved decorated Crosses that we saw on the way [tweetshareinline tweet=”#Bandrabyfoot” username=”wizmagic1″]

Food joints found in old Bandra

Kalpana Snack Mart, serves East Indian fare, the fugias were all sold out. We tried out their Mutton Pan rolls potato chops, flaky puffs and Patti samosas were amazing. Then as we walked further there was another food joint called Jeff Caterers, known for their kebabs and khichda and Chicken samosas. It was a delicious treat.

Overall the day proved to be extremely memorable for us.

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  1. Thank you! Living away from Bandra, it is great to get Bandra related newsletters.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed reading about Bandra. Do stay tuned in for more such wonderful info and beautiful photos.

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