Belitung Island is a piece of Indonesia archipelago. It has delightful and outlandish shorelines you ought to see it sometime in the not so distant future. It is an awesome place for a getaway and a great deal less costly when contrasted with other different well-known Indonesia excursions like Lombok or Bali.

So, have you been to Belitung Island recently?

Never? Indeed, it’s not your fault when you never heard of this island as it has not been covered in a way it deserves to be.

pulau-Belitung, Indonesia

Belitung, Indonesia

Presently, let me tell you where the Belitung precisely is. Belitung situated inside Bangka Belitung archipelago that comprises of 98 islands, of all shapes and sizes, alongside Sumatra.

The notable getaway in the Belitung Island are:

– Tanjung Kiras Beach

– Bukit Berahu resort

– Tanjung Kalayang Beach

– Tanjung Tinggi shoreline

– Lengkuas Island


Tanjung Tinggi shoreline

The shoreline is flanked by two landmasses, is 2 km from Tanjung Kelayang shoreline. You will discover clean white sand, decorated by rock stones with around 15 meters tallness at its seaward and shore.

This shoreline measured roughly 100 meters for the length, 8 meters width in low tide with 1 km long shoreline, and 5 meters width in high tide. At the east end, there is a heap of rocks which forms a tolerable passage. The air streaming here is cool.

Tanjung Kelayang Beach

Area of the shoreline is around 27 km from Tanjung Pandan town and is stunning. The coconut trees along the shore, smooth white sand and calm blue ocean and stone rocks covering the west side make this shoreline totally energising.

At the clear seashore, you will find posts where anglers tie their speedboats before cruising. Tanjung Kelayang has around 1.5 km drift length, 7 meters wide shoreline (in a high wave) and 10 meters (in a low wave). This shoreline covers 60 sections of the land wide area and totally appropriate for sunbathing or swimming among the astonishing orchestrated rocks of stone. Having a delightful view, Tanjung Kelayang clearly is the ideal place for photography aficionados to fulfil their interest.

Opposite this shoreline is a resort named “The Villa Lor in Tanjung Tinggi”, considered as the first of a complete resort at Bangka Belitung archipelago. Tanjung Tinggi shoreline locale is ideal for sunbathing, swimming, or getting a charge out of the white sand on the shoreline. Tour Belitung Murah

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