Best Unique Cafes In Mumbai

Mumbai is one of India’s most prominent cities and is also quite popular among tourists as well.  It is the home of Bollywood as well as India’s entertainment industry and is popular in the fashion industry as well. It is a well-developed, cosmopolitan city that is known for its amazing spirit. It has lots of restaurants, hotels, malls, etc. The Mumbai Bazaars also provide a great shopping experience for tourists.
There are also several cafes as well but determining the best unique cafes in Mumbai is quite a difficult task. 

Mirchi and Mime, Powai

One of the striking things about this place is that it employs differently-abled people (deaf and dumb workers). But that hasn’t stopped the place from thriving but rather has only added to its appeal. Their curries, prawns, kebabs, etc. are outright scrumptious. The prices are also not too high thereby promising a great experience for all those that are involved. It is recommended that planning to visit go early as this eatery can often be overbooked.

Prithvi Cafe, Juhu

The Prithvi Theatre is a place where art is celebrated graciously and is considered legendary by many. It is one of the most popular cafes in Mumbai. The open-air cafe is frequently visited by celebrities too and is renowned for its cutting chai and stuffed parathas as well as other kinds of delicacies as well. There are also large trees that surround the place which help keep it cosy and fresh during peak hours of sunshine. However, nighttime is considered the best when it comes to eating at this place when it is under lights.

145 Kala Ghoda, Kala Ghoda

It is one of those places that offers such a diverse variety of experiences that it doesn’t matter if one visits it for the first time or the tenth time it still feels amazing to many. Its tiled floors and beautiful interiors add to its vibrant ambiance. It is more than just your average Mumbai cafe. It offers multiple cuisines from which one can choose from. Some popular options here include khow suey and Thai Curry. The food and drinks both combine well to make for a delicious combination. Their salted caramel milkshake is believed to be one of the best in the city.

Leopold Cafe, Colaba

The cafe provides a college canteen-like vibe. Its walls are a bit old school but have a unique appeal to them. It is a common place for people to relax after they are exhausted from a street shopping spree in the city. It has a great menu offering it all from appetizers and snacks to main courses and desserts. The prices are affordable too and it is also considered one of the vintage cafes in Mumbai.

Grandmama’s Cafe, Juhu

The Gradmama’s Cafe is a nice family-friendly place with a great variety of meals on offer. Its food items range from Shepherd’s Pie all the way to Rajma Chawal. Its cute decor and white walls are capable of lifting one’s mood and relieving people of their daily stresses. It typically offers the type of dishes one would expect from grandmothers which justifies its name. However, they also offer other mainstream dishes too like nachos, spaghetti, burgers, etc.

Final Thoughts

After taking a look at this list those planning to visit Mumbai now know where to get their meals from while those that are already in Mumbai can head out right now and get started! Everyone’s choice of the best unique cafes in Mumbai will vary but the fact that there are many to choose from is great for everyone.

The right choice for each person will vary depending on various elements such as personality, budget, food preferences, etc. One can even try multiple cafes during their stay and then decide for themselves which one offers the best experience.

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