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Caravan Manufacturer
Caravan Manufacturer

Caravans are mobile homes, which lets you be away from home for days, weeks, months or even years together. In fact, some people sell off all their belongings and buy a caravan to live their life. Caravan manufacturers cater to these different needs with each customer having their own specific demands and dreams.

Basic Types of Caravans:

  • Towed: These caravans have fixed walls, with all amenities, and are towed by another vehicle. You can detach vehicle from the caravan and use the vehicle to run errands.
  • Pop up vans: They are very compact and all amenities are arranged and packed into the van which is towed by another vehicle. You have to set up the camp before use. You can detach vehicle from the caravan and use the vehicle to run errands.
  • Campervans: This camper is built right on the body of the van. It has fixed walls but is not towed. You can begin camping as soon as you pull up. Big buses can also be converted into caravans.

Caravan Types Based On the Needs:

  • Off Road Caravans: These caravans are for those who use them for some bush camping or safaris where the road quality may be poor. It calls for robust suspensions and increased road clearance. Special focus will be given to the quality of the latches, hinges, joint welding, etc., which may be reinforced to suit the rough roads, ensuring nothing comes off. Many parts and areas are reinforced to make it more robust.
  • Family Caravan: These caravans will focus on more number of beds or wider beds, more area in the living room with longer sofas to accommodate more people, food storage, and power and bio-toilet backup, etc.
  • Luxury Touring: These caravans focus on the luxury. The quality of all amenities will be top notch. The focus will be more on loading latest technology appliances that are more compact and user-friendly like remote control kitchenware, finest leathers, wood work and painting finish.
  • Custom Caravan: Some customers want a specific design and customized amenities, which most caravans manufacturers would be willing to accommodate.

Basic Facilities A Caravan Manufacturer Provides:

  • Caravan Manufactures: will have a range of plans and designs for the basic facilities in their caravans. Since space comes at a premium all facilities will be provided in such a way that it takes minimum space.
  • Kitchen: Most of the kitchen cabinets will be on top avoiding bending down to pick things from cabinets below the counter. Cabinets will have foldable or telescopic drawer thus saving space to open and close.
  • Bedroom: The ceiling and the cot will most probably store spaces, like water tanks, bio toilets, batteries.
  • Toilet: Caravan toilets may not be cramped, but still have walls and corners maximally utilized to store toiletries, accommodate drainage and plumbing lines, mirror, showers.
  • Living Room: Most often will have longer sofas so that more people can sit at a time closeted together, a foldable or movable table.
  • Store Room: Depending on the number of people and the days you plan to clamp, the size and shape of the storage room will vary. A professional manufacturer will have very innovative designs that allow maximum storage space yet does not compromise on the amenities available to the campers.

Most caravan manufacturers would have their websites which give ample information on the design, floor plan, and other amenities. They would also provide their contact information. You can browse through the site of this manufacturer and have a first-hand look at models of different companies and narrow down a manufacture. You can call caravan manufacturers directly if you need any customization.

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