I recently came across this book and found it interesting and informative on ‘Digital Nomad’. The book explains the concept of a nomad, what ‘Digital Nomad’ is.

‘Digital Nomad’ written by Dave Brett is a book that guides you step by step in the process of creating an online business that allows you to live in a location, have an independent lifestyle and travel the world. The writer begins with his own personal experience and how he has travelled around the world living a Nomadic lifestyle.

Dave Brett gives you an insight into various concepts like:-

• Creative Generation
• Ways to earn money online
• Keywords
• Automation
• Passive income
• Creating Schedule’s
• Analytics
• Importance of Email List’s

He also mentions about  killing procrastination,  how to make friends on the road and create a global social circle. If you are the one who dreams of traveling the world and working for yourself this is an informative read which guides you towards this dream and make it a reality. Dave Brett keeps the reader interested even during the technical side of blogging. So, go ahead and check out this book and be a ‘Digital Nomad’.

David Brett has also written ‘How to travel around the world’, ‘Mobile productivity’ and ‘Travel Hacking’ which are worth checking out.

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