International Dance Day: How Dancing is good for your health

International dance day

We all know very well that physical fitness and activities is of paramount importance for our health. Moreover, if you are one of them who love fun and to mingle with people, and want have your life full of excitement, then dancing is a wonderful activity for you.

Dancing in our culture is considered as a form of art that has been in existence through centuries with people of all ages, abilities and cultures. The Indian culture is enriched with the richness of various dance forms, and the benefits of the art form has been realized in our culture since long.

International dance day

It is why every year International Dance Day is observed worldwide to celebrate dance, revel its universality across all barriers of humankind and bring people together under one common language – the language of dance. The observance of this day is an effort to convey people the value of togetherness with one single art that is celebrated around the world in various forms.

There are many wonderful reasons why you should dance. Perhaps it won’t be wrong if we say that dancing is the best way to engage in physical activity or exercise, without even knowing and all because you are engaged with its fun quotient. Dance is actually a full package of fun, learning, skill building and exercise with the intensions of having fun.

Let’s understand in details, how it is health boost to mankind and overall wellbeing, both physically and mentally as well:

  • It helps burn calories: Just a normal freestyle dance movement for about 30 minutes a day for around 3 days a week can calculatively burn as much calories as you would spend almost the same time daily in the gym.
  • Dance makes you happy: Dancing your way in the favorite tune releases endomorphins, which make you high and exhilarated. It is so engaging that it makes you as if you are walking in the air and makes you happy and overwhelmed.
  • It helps toning up and build stronger muscles: It helps tine up all the body and even at the focus spots like abdomens and thighs. It also make the muscle grow stronger and stronger muscles aids in fat loss even when you are at rest.
  • It helps reducing stress and tensions: Dancing is fun, and we could all bring fun in our lives. Having more fun is having more time for yourself and having more time for yourself is reduced stress and tension that we all go through in our lifestyle. Weather single or as a couple or may be in a group, you enjoy every moment and without even knowing that you are deeply involved.
  • It helps you socialize more: Dance in any form, is a great way to socialize and meet people. Just imagine building a whole new world of social networking with like-minded friends who share the same interest. Particularly for singles, dance is a great way to meet and make new friends and get rid of loneliness.
  • It makes you more self-confident: When you lean or perform dance, you not only dance with other, you dance in front of a crowd, an audience. This helps you in building up your self-confidence as a performer and as a person. You develop the power to express and stay confident in all aspects of life.

The power of dance is intense and immense. It has the powers to heal, both physiologically and psychologically. The mention of various forms of dance in our past history has highly emphasizes and regarded the benefits of dance and its healing benefits to mankind.

Whatever your reason for choosing to dance, make it a routine in your life and see how it helps you transform your life into a much happier, healthier and enjoyable moments.

The article is authored by famous Dietitian Sheela Seharawat. She is the founder and chief mentor of Diet Clinic Health Care Pvt. Ltd. Also, she is one of the youngest successful entrepreneurs of India.

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