Travel hacks to make a long haul flight enjoyable

Life on the airplane is a life of its own! Do whatever you can to keep yourself busy!

During long-haul flights I recommend:

Long haul flight
Long haul Bailey Cheng
  • Watch 2 movies on the entertainment screen.
  • Read almost a whole e-book on my Kindle
  • Sort some pictures in my digital camera.
  • Play a few games on my smartphone.
  • Have a nap (or two).
  • Speak to a neighbour.
  • Stare at some fellow passengers 🙂 secretly, of course.
  • Eat a few snacks, have a few drinks.
  • Stretch in the toilet area, walk in the aisle.
  • Inspect the toilet, check how much paper there was, do a little dance, stretch again, just fool around.

It’s a good idea to do everything separately – don’t try to multitask. If you are eating, don’t watch a movie at the same time. When the meal is served, take your time and just eat, as slow as possible. It will pass 30 minutes at least. Also make sure not to drink too much, avoid alcohol (as it will dehydrate your body and make it difficult to sleep, as you will be waking up all the time with your mouth dry).

Drinking alcohol on long haul flight
Cabin attendant offers a drink

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Finally, think of some story and write it down. If you don’t own a blog or a diary, just post it on your Facebook. Share your thoughts! In today’s fast-paced world we hardly get to slow down and think about our life – this could be a perfect time!

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How to avoid  a jet lag

  1.  Adjust your internal clock. 
    Several days (at least four) before departure, gradually shift your sleeping and eating times to coincide with those at your destination. Once you arrive, adopt the local time for your daily routine.
  2. Opt for overnight flights. 
    You’ll have dinner at a normal time and be much more likely to sleep than on an afternoon flight. Depending on the length of the flight and the number of time zones you cross, you’ll arrive at your destination in the morning or afternoon. This is the best way to replicate your normal schedule, and it’ll be easier for you to reset your clock.

Happy travels!

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