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Street food Denmark

It is actually been several decades ago since street food equalled hot dogs here; with the introduction of more exotic cuisine from abroad, the selection has become much more varied. But you´ll still find hot dogs stands as the most commonly seen option.

Danish hot dog | by City Foodsters, Denmark
Danish hot dog | by City Foodsters

There´s the big Papirøen / Copenhagen Street Food place which has by far the biggest variety in town, worth a visit. Also, check out the more expensive, but really mouth-watering food market Torvehallerne.

There are lots of Kebab and pizza places in town generally, and also other options, some of them as mobile stands – Greek, Korean, Japanese, Hungarian, French crepes etc., to mention a few, I´ve seen recently.

As regards hot dog stands, I think they often tend to move around. But try and see if there´s anyone around Torvehallerne and the Round Tower for example, for some of the less standardized items, that are not just of the “Steff Houlberg” label or the like.

~ Joen.Dk

Duck fat fries

Duck fat fries street food Denmark
Duck fat fries
Image credit-Yelp

Pulled pork sandwich

Pulled Pork sandwich- Danish street food, Denmark
Pulled Pork Sandwich | by Iwan Gabovitch

Sweet potato fries

Sweet Potato Fries, Danish street food, Denmark
Sweet Potato Fries | by jblyberg

Mixed Brazilian barbecue


 Molten chocolate  cake

Dine around Copenhagen, Denmark & get a taste of international and Danish street foods! From Organic Hot Dogs to delicious Creme Brulee Doughnuts, Copenhagen delights you with a variety of International Street Food!

So, what is your favourite Danish food?