House Crows (Corvus_splendens) grooming in Kolkata.

House crows as partners

House crows Image by J.M.Garg – Some rights reserved. (view image details

I am sure you believe “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.  It has been seen in various animals and birds that in addition to their personal hygiene they spend time in additional grooming of their Partners. These partnerships are longer lasting and more like having a best friend in your life. The grooming usually is stroking, scratching and massaging. They groom one another.

Love is not just about finding a good partner. It is also about being a good one.

Colorful parrots as partners. Image credit - Riza Nugraha on

Colorful parrots couple

Two colorful parrots from Jurong Bird Park of Singapore. As I watch these colourful parrots, I recall these lines:

As love

that is

each day upon the twig

which may die

So springs your love

fresh up

lusty for the sun

the bird’s companion

~ William Carlos Williams