What is your favourite street food? Part 12

Continuing my series –What is your favourite street food?

Street food Brazil


Brazilian Tapioca, Beiju, street food Brazil
Brazilian Tapioca
Image credit- http://www.beijufoods.com

You can fill it with whatever you want, there are many possibilities. Sweet or salty. Made with wheat flour.


Coxinhas- street food Brazil
Image credit-
Thomas Hobbs

It can be filled with chicken or meat, cheddar or catupiry. It can be big or small. I’m pretty sure a big one won’t make you feel hungry for at least 5 hours. The small ones are very common at birthday parties for kids.


Churros, street food Brazil
Image credit- Juan Mejuto

It’s not 100% Brazilian, but the Brazilian version includes a filling which makes it even more delicious. It is easily found at feirinhas.


Cheese pastel in Paraty, Brasil, street food Brazil
Cheese pastel in Paraty, Brasil
Image credit-Mike Peel

Another feirinhas typical food can be fried or roasted. A lot of possibilities, but only salted. Some basic flavours are meat, chicken and pizza (!).

Dogão/cachorro quente/prensadão

An adaptation from the famous hot dog, it may include things you don’t expect on a hot dog such as purê (mashed potatoes).


espeto espetos churrasco grill, street food Brazil
espeto espetos churrasco grill

When I was a kid, I used to eat a lot of these during soccer games. And the reason for that is the smell.

Street food Mexico

In Mexico, most people may be familiar with street “tacos”. However, there are many other kinds of delicious street foods that I would love for the world to get to know. Therefore, I present to you the “Cemita” from the state of Puebla (located a little bit to the east of the centre of the country). This is a type of sandwich made out of crispy wheat buns covered with sesame seeds. The buns can be stuffed with any kind of meat or even just string cheese. It is typically made with fried steak plus ham, freshly made string cheese, avocado, and jalapeno peppers.

So, what is your favourite #streetfood from Brazil and Mexico?


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