Climate change and Earth

We all have been reading and seeing about climate change and the recent Australian bushfires on Earth. Following is a video would like to share […]

Breathtaking places in the world

Nature is the best gift to humans. Our world is a huge place to visit and experience its exotic and amazing nature. Let me take […]

The Birds of Bikaner, Rajasthan

Birds of Bikaner Rajasthan A young red winged lapwing Source: The Birds of Bikaner, Rajasthan – 19th January 2015 | The Jalebi Express Awesome birds […]

WPC: H20-The Waterfall

H2O is the chemical formula for water. It describes water broken down into its elements. For me, the waterfall symbolises unleashed creativity in a constant fluid […]

11 Best Secret Hotels You Should Visit for an ideal getaway

These hideaways are the sacred saviors from the city rush. You not only need tranquil swish of the wind and the silence of the forest but […]

Mother Earth

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Once in 12 years, Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh , India explodes in the colour  SAFFRON as it is home to the “SIMHASTHA KUMBH”.   The  […]

Golden Oriole

A beautiful, coloured bird with striking yellow and jet black plumage and fully black wings was perched on the tree outside my window sill. It had camouflaged so […]

Be a Responsible Tourist

Responsible tourism is making better places for people to live in and better places to visit. Based on common sense and responsible use of environmental […]


Huge Megalithic Ancient Earth Structure Discovered – UNKNOWN EYE OF THE SAHARA While watching this video, you will  have the following questions in your mind […]