Ways to Plan a Budget Trip to Bhutan

Travel lovers always remain keen to visit a destination like Bhutan that is bestowed with natural beauty and serenity. Bhutan is a worth-visiting country that’s why people somehow plan the trip even if they have a low budget!

Although visiting Bhutan with a low budget isn’t easy because of the fixed daily tariff that is imposed by the Bhutanese government. Still, you can follow some tips to explore this fascinating land without burdening your pocket. Keep reading to know more:

Visit Bhutan during Lean Season:

The daily tariff rates change as per the season in Bhutan. These rates are comparatively high in peak season months when a high number of tourists visit the country. So, you should avoid planning a trip in that season to save amount. Instead, plan your trip anytime from December to February and from June to August as these months are considered the lean season of visiting Bhutan.

whereabouts unknown (Paro, Bhutan)
…whereabouts unknown (Paro, Bhutan) | by jmhullot

You can save USD 50 per person by doing so because the tariff rates are USD 250 in peak season and USD 200 in the lean season. You can also get discounts on airline tickets, hotel bookings and other expenses in the lean season.

Plan a Group Tour:

Solo trip and couple trips aren’t very budget-friendly in Bhutan. Tourists travelling alone to Bhutan have to pay USD 40 per night in addition to the daily tariff as sub-charge. Couples also have to pay the sub-charge of USD 30 per night/per person.

Travelling in a group can be beneficial as a group of 3 people and above has been exempted from sub-charges. Apart from it, the Bhutanese government also give some relaxations to big groups like:

  • One person from the group of 11-15 people gets a 50% discount on the daily tariff.
  • One person from the group of 16 travellers or more gets 100% off on the daily tariff.

Don’t Buy Premium or Luxury Tour Packages:

Many people don’t know, but the minimum daily tariff of Bhutan is included of all the things such as a stay in a 3-star hotel, meals, tour guide, local transportation and entry charges of various tourist attractions.

So, buying a premium tour package, in this case, would only drain your money because you will have to pay tariff plus package charges. These packages would surely enhance the luxury by giving 5-star hotel stay and personal activities, but you can also have fun without these packages in Bhutan.

Visit Royalty Exempted Regions of Bhutan:

Your minimum daily tariff also contains sustainable development fee; which is USD 65. But to promote tourism, the government have exempted this charge on tourists who are only visiting the eastern region of the country. This makes their tariff amount lower than others who will visit the entire country.

Tashigang Dzong, Bhutan
Tashigang Dzong © Christopher J. Fynn / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

The eastern region covers Tashigang, Mongar, Lhuntse, Pema Gatshel Tashi Yangtse, and Samdrup Jongkhar districts. You can have an amazing time in this region as well. You can explore ancient medieval fortresses, national parks, and wildlife sanctuaries in this region.

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