Best restaurants in Himachal Pradesh for Indulging in the True Local Flavours

Those phantasmal snow-capped peaks, the mesmerising green forested meadows, the fluffy clouds joining the mist from the hills, the scent of pine, fir and deodar, the crickets and birds chirping to break the silence of nature — if you are eager to experience this magic of nature then Himachal is the place to be.

The plethora of activities such as skiing, camping, paragliding, zorbing and various other adventure sports. One major attraction of visiting Himachal would be to taste the delicious earthy flavours of the state. Himachal Pradesh has recently established itself as a haven for food lovers. The gastronomic local delicacies are served in all popular restaurants.

Most of the restaurants serve a delicious blend of local ingredients and exotic flavours. The dishes are prepared with nouveau culinary techniques mixing the aroma of a rich blend of local spices. The most popular restaurants in Himachal Pradesh use fresh organic ingredients availed from local production.

There are picturesque mountain restaurants that give you an opportunity to soak up the legendary scenic beauty while you titillate your taste buds with rumbustious culinary delights of the wilderness from the land of lofty Himalayas. Set foot in Himachal prepared to get floored with food that really touches your soul!

Evergreen Restaurant, Kasole

Evergreen restaurant, Kasole, Himachal Pradesh

Evergreen Restaurant located in Kunihar, Kasole, Parvati Valley is famous for the amazing view that it offers along with food. It serves delicious Chinese and continental spreads. Located in a small hill town, this restaurant makes you feel relaxed with soothing food mixed with calm scenery all around. This restaurant is rated in the top 10 restaurants in Kasole.

Renaissance, Manali

Renaissance,Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Renaissance Manali presents a homely, warm and relaxed atmosphere. This restaurant is famous for customising your orders based on your preferences. It commands alluring views of the surrounding mountain ranges. Enjoy a range of Mexican and Italian specialities along with authentic Himachali food. Try their chicken hot and sour soup and hot chocolate among hot beverages in a cool chilled-out ambience. This restaurant is located in Old Manali Road, Near Manu Temple.

Café Simla Times, Shimla

Café Simla Times gives you the opportunity to grab a book with the best cup of coffee in Shimla. It is one of the oldest coffee shops in Shimla. The interiors of the café is fascinating with handwritten posters and pamphlets pasted on the walls.

Cafe Simla Times, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

A cosy café with a bar to sit with your beer and watch the mesmerising sunset across the hills while you listen to some jazzy live music. Try out the best of Café Simla such as wood-fired oven pizzas, shakes, and desserts and enjoy the live local bands performing over the weekends.

Goofa Ashiana, Shimla

Goofa Ashiana, located at the Ridge, The Mall at Shimla serves delectable Asian and Indian meals. The combination of a cosy ambience with a picturesque setting along with delicious fast food offerings makes it a very popular eating place for guests.

Goofa Ashiana, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

The mouth-watering menu of Goofa Ashiana includes authentic Chinese and North Indian cuisines. You can even get some hot Gulab Jamuns, samosas, sandwiches, pakoras, cakes and patties. It is a landmark building in Shimla because of its gazebo-like shape. This place makes for a good early family dinner or maybe a sumptuous breakfast.

Cecil Restaurant, Shimla

The British reminiscent of aura and glamour, Cecil Restaurant, is among Shimla’s elite corners. This all-day dining-out restaurant in Longwood Shimla still breathes the fashionable royalty that it was once. The food spread includes international, pan-Indian along with palatable local Himachali dishes. Get mesmerized by the stunning views and the combinations of pizzas, pasta, non-veg spreads, soups and appetizers.

Cecil restaurant, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Having an English style High Tea under the vast skylight in Cecil’s signature atrium lounge or some freshly brewed coffees, or maybe some premium alcoholic drinks along with a wide menu of a variety of snacks. Professional service and good food make this place coveted. Try Mexican, Chinese, Continental or Thai — you will be impressed and left speechless. The colonial elegance with the exotic curries and soups makes Cecil a must-visit restaurant.

La Plage, Manali

The immensely popular restaurant La Plage in Manali has a Chic and sophisticated interior with wooden furniture and large windows that allow a lot of sunshine. Gorge authentic French cuisine sitting amidst brightly coloured interiors.

La Plage, Manali, Himachal Pradesh

This spacious eatery looks inviting and is known for its range of delightful French cuisines. The dishes prepared along the lines of authentic recipes with a blend of genuine spices exude real robust French flavours. If you are the exploring type and in love with what’s new in food, do try this place. The chef will walk you through the menu and help you choose what is best. And the best will not cease to surprise you.

Deyzor Hotel Restaurant, Kaza

Deyzor Hotel Restaurant is a charming eating place in Kaza and is the best in Kaza. The friendly, polite and professional staff serves some amazing dishes. The restaurant has a warm, colourful, cosy and inviting décor. The restaurant gets even more interesting with the quirky and inspiring quotes, facts and trivia pasted all across the restaurant. Expect some fresh food cooked with love and care.

Deyzor hotel, Kaza, Himachal Pradesh

This place serves delightful Indian as well as continental fares. The desserts are to die for. Taste some apple pie to believe it. There is Simba the St. Bernard to win you over in case you are a pet lover. The restaurant follows environment-friendly policies and bans the use of single-use plastic. Have a tete-a-tete with Skalzang, the owner, to get to know some of his archery feats.

Other Restaurants to Try in Himachal

Also try out the Moonpeak of McLeodganj, Dharamshala around Dalai Lama’s temple path; Himalayan Café of Kaza, for a serene look at the lake; Lazy Dog Lounge of Manali for its surrounding greenery; and Rasta Café in the Kullu Valley for authentic recipes prepared with organically sourced ingredients.

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