6 Ways Staying in Whitefield Can Be Beneficial

Whitefield, Bangalore

Whether you have a new job or you’re considering a shift in Bangalore, Whitefield is one of best places to live. There are more reasons to live in Whitefield than any other place in Bangalore. Take a look at some.

1. There are a lot of stay options in Whitefield
There are tons of apartments available on rent, the way you like it. Furnished apartments, PG accommodations or affordable rooms for rent, name it, Whitefield has it. You can rent apartments in or around Whitefield, especially in areas like Borewell road, Brookfield, Hopefarm Circle, or Kundalahalli. They have a lot of stay options here. Plus, they’re easily accessible from all parts of Whitefield, reducing the hassles of commuting to work.
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2. Whitefield is the true silicon valley of India
If you aren’t a start-up junkie and dwell on some big-time IT movements, staying in Whitefield could be a game-changer for your career. Top companies like IBM, Mercedes and SAP Labs are placed in Whitefield. Additionally, big companies like Samsung, Microsoft, and McAfee are easily accessible from Whitefield.

IBM in Whitefield,Bangalore
Office Complex-IBM
Image credit-PropTiger

The placement of these companies in the area has let other IT, software and service companies open their offices in Whitefield, making it the IT hub of India. Psst. Don’t forget the presence of major tech parks from Bangalore in Whitefield.



3. It’s easy to make new friends in Whitefield
Whether you’re staying in a gated community or took up a single room for rent after your job, the locals and the migrants will treat you very well. Staying in any type of accommodation doesn’t essentially define the lifestyle of people here. Most people understand and converse in Hindi or English and do not hesitate to help you. It’s quite easy to make new friends in such a friendly environment.

Whitefield, Bangalore
Hotels in Whitefield, Bangalore.

4. Whitefield has a lot of options to hang out at any time of the day
May it be malls, restaurants, cafes or tea stalls, Whitefield offers many places to chill with your pals or meet your clients. You’ll be never bored in Whitefield. With the presence of malls like Phoenix Market City, Forum Value, and Inorbit, Whitefield remains buzzing till late evenings.

If you’re into movies, art or theatre, apart from the multiplexes in Whitefield, the presence of art galleries like the Sara Arakkal Indian art gallery and theatres like MLR Convention Centre, this place gives you room to be entertained however you like it.

5. Whitefield is one of the safest places to stay in Bangalore
In Whitefield, you can spot people take post-dinner strolls at midnight and go for jogs at the break of dawn. It’s completely safe. The police officials are constantly patrolling the lanes of Whitefield, making it one of the safest places rent an apartment in Whitefield. Additionally, the tech parks keep the lanes buzzing and crowded, even in late evenings, leaving no room for unwanted mishaps or ruckus.

6. Top schools and hospitals of Bangalore are located in Whitefield
Stay in Whitefield without any hassles if you’re a family. Top rated schooling institutions like Ryan International School, Delhi Public School, The Brigade School and Gopalan International School are located in Bangalore, assuring best-in-class education for your child.

The institution list also includes Vydehi Hospital, Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences and Speciality Hospital, sorting your health related issues.

May it be the IT parks, movie theatres, art galleries, hospitals, schools or recreational centers, Whitefield has you sorted with all your needs. If you’re planning to stay in Whitefield, don’t hesitate twice, just get a place to stay here.

Whitefield, Bangalore



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