Landscape Srinagar -Tulips in Bloom, Srinagar (Photo Courtesy – Gowhar Butt)

Tulips in Bloom, Srinagar

I came across this beautiful landscape of tulips in bloom and mountains in far off distance on a trip to Srinagar.


Tulip festival takes place every year and is a real treat to the eyes. It is spread across 5 hectares of land at the foothills of Zabarmwan near Dal Lake. The festival which usually runs in the months of March and April is located between Nishat Bagh and Chesmeshahi Mogul Gardens near Dal Lake.


The garden which is named after former Prime Minister of India, the late Indira Gandhi, boasts of over 60 varieties of multi-coloured tulips. Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip garden previously Model Floriculture Center is a tulip garden in Srinagar, India. It is the largest tulip garden in Asia. It looks like a beautiful carpet which gives a splendid view. Kashmir is renowned for its natural beauty but with the tulips, it is enhanced.


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