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Do You Need Travel Insurance in India?

You have decided on a holiday and are excited about the prospect of seeing new shores and meeting new people. Chances are you would pack your suitcase to the fullest, and then start taking things out once you realise that the suitcase won’t close. However, there is one thing that you absolutely must pack –your travel insurance policy.

In India, the situation is no different. Crisscrossing this country can be quite challenging owing to the sheer diversity. You can never know exactly what could go wrong over the course of your travel. You might end up under the weather or worse, sustain an injury that needs immediate medical intervention. This is also why travel insurance in India is an absolute necessity, something that cannot be compromised.

Stated below are a few important reasons you should buy travel insurance in India right now:

  • Injuries While Travelling

An injury can be as simple as spraining your ankle or as severe as breaking a bone. Should you go vacationing to hilly terrains, there could be the off chance that you fall and sustain a severe injury. The condition of roads in India can also be hazardous in some places, something that only adds to the woes.

That being said, when you buy travel insurance like a holiday cover, it provides you with a safety net against any adversity, so that you stay insulated from any untoward eventuality over the course of your trip.

  • Falling Sick Due to Change in Weather

Water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera are some of the most common ailments among travellers in India. While these can be controlled most of the times, they may also lead to serious problems, including dehydration and gastrointestinal infections.

These diseases, once contracted, would warrant immediate hospitalization. It follows that your travel budget is likely to be stretched as you would have to get these conditions treated as soon as they get diagnosed. Waterborne diseases cover from Bajaj Finserv will be all that you need now, considering it would cover you from expenses incurred towards treatment of such conditions.

  • Loss of Baggage

The fear of having misplaced all or a part of the baggage, or other important documents for that matter, is no alien to one. While you might not have to worry much should you be travelling by your own vehicle, a guided tour, on the other hand, can throw up this challenge. Having lost your belongings and other valuables is not the ideal spot you can find yourself in, particularly in a place you have visited the first time.

A domestic travel insurance or baggage insurance can help you by reimbursing the amount you would have spent on procuring the necessary items all over again, after having lost your luggage.

  • You might require emergency evacuation

Considering you have backpacked to the Himalayas to quench the avid adventurer in you, you’d ideally want to be prepared for any adverse eventuality, should you get stuck at a remote spot there. More importantly, you might end up at the local hospital to get adequate nursing for an injury that you sustained.

Hospitalization expenses for medical evacuation can mount quickly and wreck your travel budget. That being said, a travel insurance policy like a trek cover procured at the right time can insure your trip, providing you with the adequate coverage to sail through such crises in an unknown territory.

  • You might have to cancel/curtail the trip

God forbid, but trip interruptions and cancellations can happen anytime, spoiling some of your best-laid plans. While you would not be able to help the dampening mood that cancellations bring, the associated monetary losses can be kept in check to a large degree.

The best travel insurance plans in India can reimburse the expenses you incur – in the form of losses related to pre-booked flights, accommodation and other financial penalties — towards a particular trip cancellation or curtailment, for that matter.

Before you buy a travel insurance policy, it is advisable to carry out a thorough comparison across policies, in keeping with their coverage and the premiums you’d have to shell out.

Bajaj Finserv Pocket Insurance offers cost-effective insurance solutions for an array of travel related needs, ranging from personal trip insurance to home protection cover. With adequate coverage and affordable premiums, you can now rest assured about your trip and enjoy your day in the sun.

Top 10 Best Hidden Places In India

Continuing my series on What are the best and hidden places in India? Part 8

Land of untouched beauty, INDIA! Home to mighty mountains of Kashmir to breath taking vista of oceans at South, makes it one of the most beautiful places on earth. Exhibiting a number of natural attractions and unexplored sites at different corners of country, India is a lot more than curries and Bollywood! Picturesque valleys, historic towns, natural coastlines and rich culture of this country is enough to tempt you out to book cheap flights to India.

India’s top three destinations; Delhi, Agra and Jaipur renowned as the classic Golden Triangle is the perfect route for you to squeeze it into a week. Besides the classic, the land of diversity caters the Mughal Magic, Spiritual sites, beaches and waterways, thrilling wildlife encounters and not to forget the trekking on majestic mountains. Planning a tour to INCREDIBLE India can be mind-boggling for international travellers as this diverse land has lots to offer. Crazy, Beautiful, Overwhelming and Fantastic!

All these things collectively make India! Being one of world’s most astounding architecture, the best way to explore India’s most beautiful places is by slowing down! To extract best out of your trip, focus on a few destinations rather than ticking off as many as possible! Escape the monotonous routine, grab cheap flights for India and go out and claim your bit of the subcontinent!

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Hidden Gems in India to Visit Before You Die

Continuing my series on What are the best and hidden places to visit in India? Part 7

India is a land of many adventures, treasures and surprises. Though tourism in our subcontinent is a fast growing sector but there are many special places that only real travelers know and care about.

Here are hidden treasures in India that every traveler must visit before they die.

Laitmawsiang, Meghalaya

Laitmawsiang, Meghalaya, India

This small village located in Khatarshnong Laitkroh Block of East Khasi Hills, is the perfect hideout for people hungry for isolation in the lap of nature.

Chettinad Palace, Tamil Nadu

Chettinad Palace, Tamil Nadu, India

Rajasthan is not the only retreat for history enthusiasts. The Chettinad Palace in Tamil Nadu is a unique amalgamation of art, architecture and tradition.

13 Arch Bridge, Kerala

Arch bridge, Kerala

The 13 Arch Bridge of Kerala is located in Kazhathuruthi in Kollam district. This architectural marvel is a sight to behold. Constructed over a century ago with just rocks, the 13 Arch is also an architectural marvel.

Tada Falls/Ubbalamadugu Falls, Andhra Pradesh

Tada falls, Andhra Pradesh

These not so famous waterfalls of Andhra Pradesh are tucked away in beautiful hillocks and greenery. Hikers and trekkers looking for a quiet escape can be spotted around the falls.

Arvalem Caves, Goa

Arvalem Caves, Goa

The rock cut caves are monuments of the pre-historic life in Goa, a time of Pandavas and Mahabharata. These caves (located 9kms south of Bicholim Town) are now a rather recent discovery and are said to be a hide out for Pandavas during their exile.

Jhatingri, Himachal Pradesh

Jhatingri, Himachal Pradesh, India

Himachal is a popular tourist destination but this little abode is situated five kilometers from Ghatasni on way to Barot. The hill town is completely unspoilt and is perfect for those who don’t make/like a lot of noise.

Doodhpathri, Kashmir

Doodhpathri, Kashmir, India

Doodhpathari is considered one of the most beautiful meadows in India, and situated only 42 km away from Srinagar a visit here is almost mandatory.

Idukki, Kerala

Idukki, Kerala

One of the most beautiful districts hidden away from mad tourist crowds. But what it is an absolutely scenic drive through forest with signs telling you to watch out for elephants by the side of the road.

Chalakudy, Kerala

Chalakudy, Kerala

Move away Munnar and Thekkady, if you are the explorer kind then Chalakudy is just the place for you. It brings together hills, wildlife, waterfalls and backwaters of Mala and Azhicode along with a stunning Munakkal beach, all within itself.

Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park, India

Under conseration for UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ngarhole National Park has a reserve of wildlife and plants that will make for any photographer’s delight.

Adalaj Stepwell, Gujarat

Adalaj Stepwell, Gujarat

Known as one of the finest examples of ancient architecture in India. The stepwell is a historical monument that can make even the most modern travelers stop and stare.

Maithon, Jharkhand

Maithon, Jharkhand, India

Want to combine your obsession of exploration with travel, the Maithon is the place you have been waiting for.

Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Goa

Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Goa

A ferry ride away from Ribandar, the Bird Sanctuary is located in the island of Chorao. During the migratory months birds come from as far as Siberia, and are best spotted early in the morning.

Chikhaldara, Maharashtra

Chikhaldara, Maharashtra, India

Kitchakdari and Shakkal Lakes are amongst the many places of interest in this small place. From Gawilghur Fort to ancient temples and wildlife museum, Chikhaldara is truly a gem hidden from the popular eye.

Badami Caves, Karnataka

Badami Caves, Karnataka, India

Hidden in the Bagalkot district of north Karnataka, Badami Caves stand reminiscent of the great Chalukya architecture. The town used to be a capital of the Chalukya empire in 6th century.

Haflong, Assam

Even if you find Haflong too boring,  Halflong Lake is beautiful enough to keep you going for days in its admiration.

~ Thorma Heyerdal, consultant at (2016-present)

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Monasteries with most beautiful architecture in Sikkim

The north-eastern state of Sikkim is one of the most beautiful states of India. Added as the 22nd state to the Republic of India, Sikkim was once ruled by the royal family of Sikkim. Sikkim is home to the world’s third-highest mountain peak – Mt Kanchenjunga. The stunning Himalayan mountain, ecstatic cultural diversity, organic living, atmospheric calmness, and close-to-nature surroundings bring travelers from around the world to this stunning state. Buddhist Monasteries of Sikkim nestled on the hilltop of mountains are homes for spirituality that drive a lot of travelers to unleash the stress of their city lives.

The stunning architecture, colorful interiors, prayer chants and serene silence of these Buddhist monasteries of Sikkim is an overwhelming experience. While some have become a center of learning for the children, others are dedicated to prayers and chanting of Lord Buddha. Here are some truly revering monasteries with the most beautiful architecture in Sikkim!

Rumtek Monastery

Rumtek monastery, Sikkim

One of the largest and most important monasteries in India – the Rumtek Monastery is at a distance of 25kms from the Gangtok city. Celebrating the Tibetan culture in its design and outlook, this beautiful monastery was built in 1960 as a seat of the Karma Kagyu Lineage. Ever since the 12th Karmapa reached Rumtek Monastery after leaving his Tibet Seat, this monastery has become a religious activity center of the Buddhist and is also called by the name Dharmachakra Center. At any point of time, the monastery if full of learners and people chanting in its arena which makes the visit quite serene and connecting. With lush greenery on the background, the colorful appearance of the monastery invigorates the eyes and is a pleasant experience.

Lachung Monastery

Lachung Monastery, Sikkim

Overlooking the large snow-capped mountains of Sikkim, the Lachung Monastery is located at the Indo-Tibetan Border village of Lachung. Built-in 1880 at an elevation of 3000 meters over the convergence of two tributaries of Teesta River i.e. Lachung and Lachen, this monastery in north Sikkim belongs to Nyingma sect of Tibetan Buddhism. Holding a quaint presence in the silent surroundings of the hills, the monastery is popular for its Buddhism prayers and activities that keep ringing in the air of the place. With colorful flags, Tibetan architecture, and picturesque beauty, the monastery is a stunning visit at about 118 km from Gangtok. One of the popular traditional mask dance performance is held every year at Lachung Monastery.

Ralang Monastery

Ralang Monastery, Sikkim

One of the newest additions to Sikkim Monasteries – the Ralang Monastery is one of the biggest monasteries in Sikkim made with the intricate art of Tibetan architecture. A short ride away from Ravangla (South Sikkim), this monastery combines the traditional values of Buddhism by following the Tibetan Buddhist Traditions and brings along a stunning beauty of the colorful exterior. With Mountains on the background and colorful Tibetan architecture on the front decorated with Tibetan flags, Sikkim Tourism is incomplete without visiting this monastery as it is known for its extensive collection of paintings, and thangkas. Owned by Kagyu Sect of Tibetan Buddhism, the monastery is known to hold an annual festival Pang Lhabsol where the Kagyed Dance is performed by the Buddhist monks. It is one of the popular tourist destinations to visit in Sikkim.

Permayangtse Monastery

Permayangtse Monastery, Sikkim

An important religious center on the hilltop of Peiling, the Permayangtse Monastery is located at an elevation of 2085 meters. Holding to the beauty of its 300-year-old structure, the monastery is in the highlight of golden and white with stunning Tibetan art and architecture. The pillars are inscribed with ancient manuscripts and the whole interior is a woodwork art making it a serene and blissful experience. The arena is also covered with Buddhist flags and greenery. While the monastery celebrates Buddhism faith and breathes into silent nuances of the Tibetan prayers, it also offers a panoramic view of the whole valley with a peak of snow-capped Mount Kanchenjunga.

Dubdi Monastery

Dubdi Monastery, Sikkim

Built-in 1701 A.D. the Dubdi Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries of Sikkim. At a short distance of 3kms of the town Yuksam (West Sikkim), this monastery is located on a hilltop at an elevation of 6900 meters. The monastery is popular for its statues of the three lamas and close-to-nature beauty. Designed much in line with the Tibetan monasteries, the colorful structure with woodwork, intricate Tibetan scripts, colorful additions, and stone-carved statues is quite an enchanting visit. Being one of the oldest monasteries belonging to Nyingma Sect of Tibetan Buddhism, the monastery holds firm the beliefs of the Buddhist traditions and thus is quite a destination to know the Tibetan culture up close.

Phodang Monastery

Phodang Monastery, Sikkim

Being a part of the three monasteries build in the 1960s under the guidance of the 9th Karmapa of Karma Kagyu lineage, the Phodang Monastery with Rumtek and Ralang is one of the must-visits in Sikkim. The murals, relics, artifacts and artistic design of the monastery capture the essence of the old-age Tibetan cultures. The Phodang Monastery resonate beauty with its colorful but intricate architecture, wooden dome, and scripts from the Buddhism beliefs. It is one of the popular learning centers too.

Tashiding Monastery

Tashiding Monastery, Sikkim

Built by Ngadak Sempa Chempo Phunsok Rigzing and founded in 1616 the Tashiding Monastery is widely popular for its beauty and architecture. Ngadak was one of the three holy men said to hold the crowning ceremony of the first king of Sikkim. Today the monastery belongs to Nyingma Sect and is also one of the most pristine and stunning monasteries of Sikkim. On the top of a hill, the complex of Tashiding Monastery is known to have several Buddhist Shrines (Chortens) within the complex. The never-ending chants of the Tibetans here keep the surroundings filled with blissful vibrations making the experience of a visit to this monastery a truly satisfying one.

Sikkim being Buddhism inspired state experiences a lot of Tibetan architecture, and lifestyle. To connect with the life of Sikkim, and unleash in a serene surrounding these monasteries are a perfect getaway. Make the most of your vacay in Sikkim by spending a day learning the Buddhist Culture and traditions in one of these celebrated monasteries.

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