Opposites. weekly photo challenge
Hot air balloon in the air

Being in a hot air balloon is a wonderful feeling, floating among the clouds.

A hot air balloon is a balloon bag or “envelope” which is made of reinforced nylon fabric. The envelope is treated with a polyurethane coating to make it more airtight and to assist the fabric in bearing the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The pilot and passengers ride in a gondola (or basket) that is made of woven wicker, which is both strong and flexible. The gondola is connected to the envelope by stainless steel suspension cables.

Opposites, weekly photo challenge
A inflating a hot air balloon
Image credit- Igors Jefimovs

The balloon envelope is stretched on the ground and the gondola rested on its side and attached to the envelope cables. A portable (gasoline powered) fan thrusts cold air into the envelope. When the envelope is about half inflated with outside (ambient) air, a propane burner is ignited until the air inside is heated enough for the balloon to rise to an upright position. With a small amount of additional heat, the balloon becomes buoyant.

Deflating a hot air balloon Image credit:
Deflating a hot air balloon
Image credit: Neuroxic

Once the pilot brings the balloon down the crew helps the pilot deflate and disassemble the balloon and return passengers and equipment back home.

An inflated balloon symbolizes pride in a person for his achievements and goals in his life. Whereas a deflated balloon symbolizes shame in a person due to various circumstances in his life. Pride and shame are two Opposites of the same person  or two sides of the same coin.

*/ This post has been inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge Opposites.Two opposite elements come together -old vs. new, big vs. small, dark vs. light, or in how you frame and design your shot./*

References : FAQ of Hot air balloon 

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