Exotic Food treats you can enjoy in Summers




The sun is shining bright with all the glory of spreading rays of hope, love and passion. There are fun things to do in summers especially if you have special occasions on the way. Whether it is summer wedding, a birthday party, a family picnic or beach ball tournament with funfair activities going in full swing in the city, summers are the time of chirping, giggling and having a lot of fun. In summers, there are wonderful treats one can enjoy with family and friends while they celebrate such joyful moments as food is the central attraction of any celebration. So here we are giving you some lip smacking ideas that you can enjoy in summer with family and friends.

  1. Citrus Punch Fruits Basket
Citrus punch fruit basket- Food treats this summer

Fruit baskets are a smashing treat to have in summers when the heat is on the rise. Since you need a lot of refreshing nutrients to keep your body active and hydrated so what better could be than having these juicy fruits in summers. You can also make a spectacular fruit basket delivery to your loved one in summers to let them enjoy the juicy flavors in heat.

  1. Precious Nibbles Hamper
Precious nibbles hamper- Food treats this summer

Although it is a lovely gift hamper but why not give yourself some treat with its fabulous delights like English tea, chocolate hazelnut caramel sauce, date and walnut shortbread and a lot more lip smacking contents to be enjoyed in summer evening.

  1. Holiday Hamper
Holiday hamper- food treats this summer

This extraordinary hampers consist of a pleasing variety of flavorsome contents. The grandeur hamper is assorted with nectar juices of peach, pear, mango, Curry peanuts, dipping crackers, espresso popcorn and a lot more exotic variety of gorgeous items to be enjoyed in summer parties.

  1. Round Chocolate Tower Box
Round chocolate box- Food treats this summer

Nobody can deny the ecstasy of having chocolate treats and that too when they come in such luxurious packaging. These fabulous chocolate bites consist of some of the most alluring indulgences like hazelnut praline with biscuit and pistachio, double milk praline, double layer praline, Lavender honey truffles, salted chocolate cream with cookie on top.

  1. Lemon Sponge Cake
Lemon sponge cake- Food treats this summer

It is a sweet and savory contrast of lemon with butter cream and cake. The cake has butter icing sandwiched with moist lemon sponge layer that would give you alluring flavor and you won’t stop having another chunk. Enjoy this splendid treat in summer with your family at breakfast or in afternoon tea.

  1. After Dinner Treat
After dinner treat - Food treats this summer

How about having a delectable treat after having lovely dinner with family and friends? This small assortment of unique contents like caramel Belgian chocolate and mint popcorn, toffee apple jam, and chocolate hazelnuts are delightful way to end a beautiful evening.

  1. Sugar Crunch Hamper
Sugar crunch hamper- Food treats this summer

It’s another fabulous treat to have in summers with this amusing variety of contents while you take a rest under some tree on a picnic. The contents include sugary delights such as chocolate wafers, fudge espresso, oat crunch biscuits, chocolate coated almonds and many more to sooth your taste buds.

  1. Assorted Muffins
Assorted muffins- Food treats this summer

You cannot resist the temptation of enjoying these delectable muffins during a summer fiesta. It is a gorgeous flavorsome assortment of chocolate chip, blueberry, lemon and double chocolate to simply melt in your mouth with any chilled summer drink.

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