What is your favourite street food? Part 2

laksa, Singapore street food

Continuing my series on What is your favourite street food?

Singapore is multiracial so essentially there is a wide variety of foods coming from different cultures, such as Chinese, Malay, Indians, Eurasians, etc..

However, there are some foods which are popular and you can get them in any “food courts: basically, a canteen filled with stalls selling different kinds of foods/ street food“

This list basically is comprised some of what I feel Singaporeans like, so no hates, please

Please note: personally I define street food as the food served in food courts.

Street food Singapore

Chicken Rice

Chicken rice- Singapore street food
Chicken rice- Singapore street food

This food is essentially rice mixed with chicken which is either Roasted or Steamed ( sometimes they have fried chicken), the rice is much different from normal rice as it has that distinct chicken flavour taste and the sauce is so good ( I literally have no complex words in which I can describe it ) And for most chicken rice dishes it will come with a soup ( chicken soup/ sometimes it’s bean soup, again I’m not too sure because I lack the ability to advocate this, you will have to come to my country to experience it first-hand :p ) which has freshly chopped green onions in it.

This dish originated from the Southern Province of China ( Hainan ) And has made its way here in Singapore, over time it has become popularised among Singaporeans and thus I feel that this deserves to be one of the best foods on the list.

Fun fact: We do have a stall in Singapore which is considered to be one of the cheapest Michelin restaurants ( if I’m not wrong, one bowl of chicken rice costs $2.50 USD ) in the world, and it sells Chicken Rice so you know it’s the real deal 🙂

Nasi Lemak

This dish originated from our neighbouring country: Malaysia, however again it has found its way among us Singaporeans and into one of the most popular dishes in Singapore.

It usually comprises of Boiled eggs, rice cooked in coconut milk, Ikan Bilis ( anchovies ), beans, cucumber and chilli padi ( birds eye chilli ) the dish does vary though as sometimes you can have beef, curry, chicken in the dish as well. ( again do correct me if I made any mistakes.)

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This dish is honestly so delicious.

laksa, Singapore street food

This dish originated from SouthEast Asia and has made its way here into Singapore, establishing itself as possibly one of the most famous dish in Singapore! It comprises of Noodles, Boiled Egg and Prawn, the soup itself has this sort of creamy sweet and spicy taste but the mixture is just really good.

It’s a Peranakan dish.

Roti Prata

Any true-blue Singaporean would have certainly tried this dish!

roti paratha, Singapore street food

This is Called Roti Prata and is an Indian dish. It is essentially a flat bread that is fried and is usually served with curry ( the curry can differ from vegetable curry to fish curry ). Whichever it maybe it is extremely popular here in Singapore and it can be seen by many people eating it!!

Quick tip: I would recommend this Indian stall located at Kebun Baru it has one of the best ( in my opinion ) best Roti Prata I have ever tried, seriously the crust is crisp and the curry is just fantastic.

Last but not least

Mixed Rice

is essentially a dish starting as rice as the base, where the person gets to choose dishes which are differed according to prices. Essentially turning that empty and sad-looking rice dish into a canvas filled with greens and beans!! I personally love this form of street food as I’m able to do as many combinations as I wish ( steamed egg with long beans and potatoes YUM!, chicken and tofu and fish? Count me in! )

I have to give lots of credit to this dish as essentially this dish is a dish which can be varied in many different ways in which I can imagine!

Anyways, if you have noticed the dishes that are the most popular in Singapore are from different ethnic and groups. Singapore is a diverse society mixed with different race and religion.

These are just some of the most popular dishes in Singapore, there are however even more but I can’t add in as much due to time constraints.

So, what is your favourite street food?


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