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Beat the heat with these summer coolers

Summer coolers

With the average temperature rising across the country and the sun beating down on us, we need to deal with summer bummers. Heat strokes and dehydration are common enough and reaching out for a quick roadside cooler or juice is tempting but can make us vulnerable to stomach bugs and diarrhoea.

However, summer isn’t all that bad. Especially when you think of the joys of the swimming pool and lazy summer afternoons with fresh pickings of seasonal delicacies. From mint to wood apple, stock your kitchen with healthy grocery items and browse through the season! Here are a few ideas for summer coolers that are delicious and healthy.

Wood apple or Bael Fruit

Summer cooler- Bael
aegle marmelos wood apple bael Bengal quince

Consume this fibrous fruit for its versatile goodness and great taste, Dr. Suja Issac, a nutritionist and co-founder of Soukya advises. Commonly known as bael in Hindi, it is rich in fibre, calcium and vitamins A and B.

Wood apple can be eaten fresh or sun-dried, or made into marmalade. Its pulp is used to make sherbet, which is excellent for digestion.

The ripe pulp is good for the heart and brain and is also used as a laxative. It is a quick-fix remedy for intestinal worms, so a couple of spoonsful of ripe fruit for kids is a good idea. The raw fruit is used to treat infectious diarrhoea because of its anti-viral activity against certain pathogens.

Tannin in wood apple helps heal gastric and intestinal ulcers. Abundant in antioxidants and flavonoids; its phenolic compounds lend it anti-inflammatory properties. For best results, dilute with water.


Summer cooler- mint
mint green kitchen herb leaves menthol herbs heal

A powerhouse of phytonutrients and antibacterial properties, mint is more than a garnish. According to Dr Isaac Mathal, an alternative medicine expert and the founder of the holistic health centre Soukya, mint leaves can be chewed raw or steeped in tea, inhaling mint extract calms nerves as well as relieves headache-related nausea. Stream inhalation with mint helps decongest the sinuses and respiratory passages. Plus, smoke from dried mint leaves is an effective insecticide.

Often used in palm balms, its menthol content cools and numbs painful areas. Menthol also relieves abdominal cramps. It is good for digestion and acidity as it has a soothing effect on the mucosal linings.

Mint’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties make it effective in controlling bad breath- just chew a few mint leaves once or twice a day. When ground to a paste, mint is effective in treating acne and acts as a soothing balm for dry and itchy skin.

Psyllium husk

Plantago ovata form

Commonly known as ispaghula, psyllium husk is a soluble fibre popular for its gentle laxative and bulk-forming properties. It is derived from the seeds of Plantago ovata, a herb that’s native to India.

It is beneficial for a range of digestive issues like constipation, diarrhoea and irritable bowel syndrome. Just add a spoonful to yoghurt or cereal for trouble-free digestion. Its ability to retain water helps soften stool and its bulk-forming property helps ease an upset stomach. It also binds to fat and helps eliminate bile acids from the body. Psyllium husk helps regulate high cholesterol, maintains healthy blood sugar levels and improves triglyceride levels in the body.


Triphala- Summer coolant

Triphala, as the Sanskrit name indicates, is an Ayurvedic herbal formula with equal quantities of three fruits- amla (Indian gooseberry), haritaki (Terminalia chebula) and bibhitaki (Terminalia bellerica). Dr. Salia Tewari, a naturopath and yoga expert and founder- chairperson of the Nature Cure and Yog Foundation, Uttaranchal, elaborates.

Available in powder, tablet and juice form, Triphala purifies the system by promoting better bowel movement. It treats constipation- a condition that begets health issues like sluggish liver, skin diseases, depression and diminished energy. Triphala’ s laxative properties are not habit forming.

Gooseberry is vitamin C- rich and supports the natural functions of the liver. Bibhitaki supports the respiratory system, offer relief from asthma and is known to prevent premature greying and hair loss. The third herb, haritaki, is prized for its cleansing properties. It removes toxins and helps maintain a healthy weight. The combined effect of these potent fruit enables smooth functioning of the digestive system and fights colds and allergies by making the immunity system stronger.


ginger summer coolant
ginger root spice herb ingredient seasoning spicy

Ginger is the world’s most commonly consumed condiment. It has at least 14 bioactive compounds like gingerol and shogaol that gives a range of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Add it to tea or pulverize it into fresh fruit juice or a smoothie-ginger is a stimulating herb that relieves flatulence, strengthens the digestive system and stimulates glandular secretions. Dry ginger is said to be good for chronic bronchitis. It is widely used in Ayurveda to treat digestive complaints, morning sickness, jaundice, piles, colds and coughs, asthma, bronchitis and whooping-cough.

Ginger is well known for its anti-cancerous properties. The root is a potent source of antioxidants. It has calming effect on inflamed joints and muscles. Ginger is packed with B vitamins like B6 and riboflavin apart from magnesium, zinc and phosphorus.

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Image source– Pixabay

SourcePrevention India– June 2014, July 2014, September 2014 and September 2015 Living Media India Limited.


Asia Meets Parramatta

Parramatta is an amazing place full of people’s much-needed relaxation and adventures. From history to culture to arts to music to fun, name it! This beautiful place can show you that truly, it is a must-see and a must-experience wonder. …And just like a hospitable friend, Parramatta doesn’t let you starve!

If you don’t want to eat only hotel food, you can go around the place to see what Parramatta has gotten for you. Parramatta has a lot of sumptuous dishes which make the locals proud and which capture the hearts of the visiting friends from other parts of Australia and of the world…

HOWEVER, it’s not just that! Are you a local who wants to try cuisines from other countries? A visitor who misses your home food? Or someone who wants to eat some other kind of food but wants to spend time in Parramatta? Regardless of who you are, Parramatta doesn’t deprive you of your cravings or your favourites. It doesn’t force you to eat what’s just there, but also gives you the chance to try other ace cuisines!

This article presents the cuisine from one of Australia’s neighbouring continents, Asia. Asian cuisine is truly a diverse family of food. Listing them all wouldn’t be easy. So here, let’s talk about 6 Asian cuisines and one restaurant of each kind which could be found in Parramatta.

Watch Eat at Chef’s Gallery [CHINESE]

Chefs Gallery, Parramatta
Image courtesy-
Facebook- @ChefsGalleryRestaurant

Chinese cuisine is a combination of dishes from several parts of China. Its staple food are rice, noodles and wheat. Chinese cooking techniques are highly founded on historical and ethnic backgrounds. Because of China’s influence, various other Asian foods were touched by its food culture.

Vietnamese cuisine- Parramatta

Chef’s Gallery doesn’t just offer diners appetizing food but also gives them an entertaining time as they prepare the customers’ orders live through a glass-wall kitchen. Honeycomb chicken wings with sticky sisho, yuzu and honey glaze is one of its best-sellers.

It is located at the ground floor of Westfield Parramatta, Shop 2184, 159-175 Church St. If you are looking for lodging near this area, there are a number of options. Meriton Suites George Street is just 1.4 km away via Harris St. and Parkes St., taking you around 6 minutes to travel. But if you want to exercise and to save money from riding a public vehicle, Mantra Parramatta is just a 2-minute walk away.

Sorry, but It’s Not Just Curries [INDIAN]

Not just curry, Parramatta
Image courtesy-

Indian Cuisine is one of the most flavourful cuisines in the world. Indians use a variety of spices, vegetables and grains which are nurtured and grown across India. One of its most famous dishes is curry.

Indian cuisine- Parramatta

People would usually think that curry is always and is just based on the curry powder. Not Just Curries aims to prove that there’s more to it; it’s more than just curry powder. The power of various spices and ingredients are actually combined to produce this tasty dish. Not Just Curries caters to all kinds of “eaters” because aside from curry, there are vegetarian and gluten-free options too.

Their store opens at 10 AM and closes at 10 PM everyday. It is located at 66 Wigram Street, Harris Park, Parramatta, 1.3 km away from Westfield Parramatta. That means it’s also accessible to near lodgings mentioned previously. Not Just Curries is located within Harris Park which means you can also visit the famous Elizabeth Farm to know a part of Australia’s history, and you can go to the Riverside Theatre if you want to witness great art performances.

The Viet Diet: Pho Pasteur [VIETNAMESE]

pho-pasteur, Parramatta

Deemed as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, Vietnamese food doesn’t give you a hundred percent of just one. It offers you a combination of all you need — herb, meat and savoury taste.

Chinese -Parramatta

Established in 1992, Pho Pasteur is owned by South Vietnam refugees who brought their love for Vietnamese food to Australia. They have delectable beef pho, meatballs and briskets.

The store opens at 10 AM and closes at 10 PM everyday. It is located at 137 Church Street. A walk in Jubilee Park, around 3 minutes away, could be your tummy’s rest after the feast. For accommodations after the day of eating and fun, the restaurant is 1.3 km away from PARKROYAL Parramatta via Marsden St. and 2.4 km away from Rydges Parramatta via Hassal St. and Parkes St.

Hello there, Lao Der! [THAI]

Lao Der, Parramatta
Image courtesy-

Thai cooks place significance on aroma and spice. Simplicity is not their goal; they like harmony and variety with balance.

La Der-Parramatta

After his victory, Savour Australia’s “Best Thai Restaurant in Sydney Metro 2013” winner Chef Salong Khammountry decided to open another, Lao Der. Tum Talay (papaya salad with seafood) and Pad Lao (stir-fried noodles) are some of its house specialties.

It is located at 277B Church St. Parramatta. After eating, a place to stop by is the Parramatta Heritage Centre where you’ll learn about the place’s heritage and culture. Prince Alfred Square is also just around if you want to have some peaceful time with tall trees and fun time with carnival rides. SKYE Hotel Suites is just 4 minutes away from Lao Der via Marsden St.

Food Mine! Charcoal Mine BBQ House [KOREAN]

Charcoal Mine BBQ House, Parramatta
Image courtesy-Charcoal Mine BBQ House- Facebook

Korean cuisine is mostly composed of rice, meat and veggies. They also have a lot of side dishes paired with steamed rice.

Here, for sure, you’ll get what you’ll pay for. Charcoal Mine BBQ House is an eat-all-you-can bbq house. You get to eat as long and as many as you can while enjoying cooking yourself.

It is located at 454 Church Street, Parramatta. After the food mania, a walk is very much-needed, and Wistaria Gardens is a beautiful place to do that; it will only take around 5 minutes to reach it. Novotel Sydney Parramatta is just 450 m away, which will take you around 2 minutes only to travel from the BBQ House.

This is Eat! Kanzo [JAPANESE]

Kanzo, Parramatta
Image courtesy-Zomato

Japanese food is full of art and delight, offering countless arrays of seasonal dishes. Udon and soba are Japanese noodles and also staples aside from rice. Raw and grilled seafood are also part of their specialties.


Kanzo is the place you’re looking for if you want a local favourite. Without paying too much, you can taste Japan’s mouth-watering donburi and sashimi.

The store opens at 9 AM and closes at 9 AM daily. It is located at 6/55 George Street, Parramatta. Jubilee Park is also just near the restaurant. For lodging, Mercure Sydney Parramatta is 2.8 km away from Kanzo.

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There you have it!

The Asian restaurants mentioned above are amazing places. If you’d want to stroll around Parramatta after your meals, there are lots of parks like the Jubilee Park and the Prince Alfred Square. If you’d want art sights, museums like The Lancers and Heritage Centre are some places you should go to.

And if you’d want to take a rest near these restaurants and attractions, there is a great deal of lodgings in Parramatta, but if you want accommodation near to them, Holiday Inn Parramatta got your back! Within 10 minutes or less, you’ll arrive at those delightful Asian restaurants: Chef’s Gallery (5 minutes away), Pho Pasteur and Not Just Curries (3 minutes), Lao Der and Kanzo (7 minutes) and Charcoal Mine BBQ House (8 minutes). If you are aiming for the best rest after a long day, it offers high quality services you won’t regret! Holiday Inn Parramatta is your friendly staycation or vacation place that brings these diverse and delightful dishes within your reach.

It’s good to have fun, fill a hungry tummy and take a rest!

These are some of the various Asian dishes brought to Parramatta! Just explore, and you will find many more! Asian food is without a doubt amazing so be sure to make the most out of every restaurant you visit! Make every foodie experience in Parramatta a beautifully memorable one!

Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Holiday Inn Parramatta, a hotel in located in Parramatta, New South Wales. Travel is one of the things that interest her the most. Nicole enjoys reading and writing lists like must-visit places, famous places to eat and what-to-do’s. She is amazed at the historical relevance of places, the diversity of cultures and the showcase of arts in different parts in the world. For Nicole, the beauty of this world is just breathtaking, astounding and something worth-sharing.

Best Places for Breakfast in Bangalore/ Bengaluru

The Raj Pavilion, Bengaluru

Breakfast is what makes the entire day wholesome. There are many places in Bangalore that are worth mentioning. English, Continental and South Indian flavors clubbed together is what makes Bangalore a favorite among the Indians and foreigners alike.

9 best places to have breakfast in Bangalore/ Bengaluru”, a fusion of cuisines from all over.

  • Vasudev Adiga– Indiranagar for their awesome Kesari Bath
  • Smokehouse Deli– Indiranagar is when you are in a mood  for Blueberry Pancakes on Weekends
  • Health Zingo– Bellandur for the healthy oil and Fat-free Burgers and Poha on Sundays
  • Carrots– Koramangala to experiment with Vegan breakfast
  • The Egg Factory – St Mark’s Road for Blueberry cream cheese with french toast orSpinach Chilli and Cheese omelet on those sad news mornings.
  • Indian Coffee House– Church Street, My all time favorite breakfast joint for the simple yet mouth-watering Scrambled Egg.
  • Maiyya’s– Jayanagar 4th Block. South Indian and traditional all the way. The Butter roast Paper Dosa is good here.
  • Pinxx– Dickenson Rd. for those days who crave for a bit of North Indian flavors like Parantha.
  • Cafe Terra– Koramangala. Sunday mornings when you want to explore Belgium Inspired breakfast

If you want authentic breakfast places and don’t mind the ambiance:

Veena store, Bangalore, Bengaluru
Veena Store: Khara Bath
Image credit-tripadvisor.in

1. Veena Stores, Malleswaram: One of the best, if not the best idlis in town. You must also try out their Kesari Bath, Khara bath, Bisibelebath, Avalakki bath, and Puliogre.

Warning: No place to sit here, but the taste is well worth it.

2. Brahmin’s Cafe, Basavanagudi: Idlis here are too soft as cotton and crispy vada melt in the mouth.

3.  Hole in the wall (Koramangala):

The Hole in the Wall Cafe is one of Bangalore/Bengaluru Cafes.
The Hole in the Wall Cafe is one of Bangalore Cafes.

The meaty fries here were exceptional. They serve up a range of burgers and have a wide breakfast menu. It’s usually too crowded to get a table but the cafe clears out frequently. Hole in the wall – if you’re looking for a quick breakfast fix, here’s the place to go.  The Hole in the Wall is a warm, bright and a winsome place with a great ambiance including both indoor and outdoor seating. Satiate your craving for a good old-fashioned English breakfast in Bangalore here. They have a wide variety of offerings including pancakes, waffles, salami, sausage, breakfast sliders, pies, pastries, etc.

4. Fat Fanny’s (Koramangala):

This quaint little cafe in Koramangala is known for its hearty breakfast meals that they serve all day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Pictured here: Admiralty Meal, Masala Omelette, and Classic waffles with apple reduction. They play jazz covers of the popular pop songs and have old sewing tables as furniture. Love it.

5. Monkey Bar (Indiranagar):

Red waffle at MonkeyBar, Bangalore, Bengaluru
Red waffle

This red velvet waffle is the only reason Monkey Bar made to this list, but big enough a reason, too. If you’re the kind, you can continue your visit till the night and they’ll have plenty of drinks in store for you to help with that!

6.  38 Castle Street (Brigade Road):

Having a leisurely breakfast in Bangalore has become as scarce as hen’s teeth. However, as the saying goes: “One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.” – Robert A. Heinlein, breakfast is an important meal to begin your day on a profuse note. Bangalore will spoil you when it comes to breakfast joints. From making you feel fit for royalty English breakfast to mouth-watering South Indian dishes, breakfast in Bangalore offers you all.

Rashika Daga, Content Writer at Peersome

Following are the best places to have all your cravings satisfied breakfast in Bangalore-

  1. 154 Breakfast Club, Kormanagala

Small yet classy, breakfast at 154 Breakfast Club will leave you with a gleeful smile on your face. Delightfully delicious food at reasonable price, this place is ideal for both vegetarians and the non-vegetarians. Bacon, sausage, waffles, baked beans, and salad are some of the delicious items worth trying here. With a widespread menu, you get simple decor with limited seating and a homely feel.

2.  Koshy’s

Koshy's Bangalore, Bengaluru
Located on St. Mark’s Road, come here for an English breakfast. Delicious eggs in different forms.

Opened in 1940 Koshy’s is a classic breakfast in Bangalore hangout and is quite popular among the journalists, businessmen, creative artists, and writers. Savor fried sausages, beans, bacon and eggs in a wide variety of forms with different toppings without burning a hole in your wallet here.

3.  Shri Sagar, Malleshwaram

Shree Sagar Malleswaram, Bangalore, Mangalore eateries
Shree Sagar Malleswaram

If in a mood for great South Indian food, visit this inexpensive place. Well, when the food is mouth-watering the ambiance doesn’t matter, does it? The crispy benne (butter) Masala dosa is worth the wait in this typical retro environment.

4. Café Noir

English breakfast lovers treat yourselves with a splendid and traditional breakfast in Bangalore on weekends in Café Noir. For weekdays you get French and American cuisine as well. Among their delicious options, you get ham, bacon, omelet, chicken sausages, grilled tomatoes and sumptuous pastries.

Praneet Koppula, Daily design thinker, Weekend Cook, Occasional photographer

Here’s a list of cafes that offer the tastiest breakfast in Bangalore and set you up for a fun-filled day-

Café 132:

Cafe 132 Kormangala,Bangalore
Cafe 132, Kormangala
Image credit-

Café 132 is one of the newer places in the hangouts, café scene of Bangalore by comparison. However, it has quickly moved into my list of best places to have breakfast, and hang out, all at the same time.

Cup O Joe:

Cup O' Joe, Bengaluru, Bengaluru
Cup O’ Joe, Bengaluru
Image credit- Tripadvisor

This is another feasible option for enjoying an early breakfast or a late brunch. The egg lovers would especially love the way in which the scrambled eggs are done here.

Egg factory:

The Egg Factory,
Image credit- theeggfactory.in

Another famous breakfast joint, the Egg Factory is best known for its garden frittata and chilly egg. Also, there is a variant of a sunny side up on toast called Kejriwal which is enjoyable. For beverages, one can go with the filter coffee or Whats up Doc (for a cooler variant).

Coffee On Canvas:

Coffee On Canvas, Bengaluru
Coffee On Canvas, Bengaluru
Image credit- Tripadvisor

Coffee on canvas wouldn’t make it to many people’s list considering its food alone, which although good, isn’t the greatest. However as a place wherein you can start your mornings with a good enough breakfast, a strong filter coffee, and an inspiring earthy interior highlighted by art, this would probably prove to be perfect.

Hole Lotta Love:

A Hole Lotta Love Cafe, Bengaluru
A Hole Lotta Love Cafe, Bengaluru
Image credit- Tripadvisor

This is a sister outlet of The Hole In The Wall Café. A café with good food and great ambiance, it is a perfect place to while away hours sipping on a drink and tucking into a pancake. Frequented by students, it serves a wide breakfast menu, good continental food such as burgers, pasta, and sandwiches, and delicious waffles and pancakes with a variety of toppings. It has a brunch menu that is liked by many.

Vijay Rayapati, Building Botmetric, and CEO at Minjar

Taaza Thindi (Taaza Thindi – Bangalore)

Taaza Thindi: Morning hours at the restaurant, Bangalore, Bengaluru
Taaza Thindi: Morning hours at the restaurant
Image credit-Tripadvisor

It is a 10-minute walk away from Bangalore Central Mall(a major landmark in the city). Like most breakfast joints it opens at 7 am sharp. If you are someone who loves walking you would love to take an early morning walk to this place through the tree-lined lush green neighborhood. It’s not surprising to see people from all strata of the society coming up every morning to this small picturesque joint.

Talking of food there, it is delicious, healthy and cooked and served in an environment with insane emphasis on hygiene.

Vikalp Jain, Co-founder AcadGild

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Depending on the budget you get ample choice English Breakfast places in Bangalore  Below are 3 of my favorites:

1) ITC Windsor Manor – Raj Pavillion: 

The Raj Pavilion, Bengaluru
The Raj Pavilion, Bengaluru,
Image credit-Tripadvisor

If you are in a mood for a lavish breakfast buffet, this is a great option. There are similar buffets available in Leela and Taj Westend.

2) Nandhana Grand Hotel – Koramangala:

Nandhana Grand: The new attached restaurant, Bangalore, Bengaluru
Nandhana Grand: The new attached restaurant

3) South Indies – Indira Nagar – South Indian Breakfast Buffet: 

South Indies, Bengaluru
South Indies, Bengaluru – 840/A 100 Feet Road Near Cmh Rd
Image credit- Tripadvisor

There are tons of splendid places you could check out Bangalore’s best breakfast munchies!

Do share in the comments section if you know more best breakfast places in Bangalore/ Bengaluru…

Six Must-Visit Foodie Places In Sydney

6 must-visit foodie places in Sydney

If you are up for a food adventure then Sydney is the place to be. Australia is probably one of the best places to go to if you are craving for delicious cuisine and Sydney is one of the cities that will make you crave for more. There are so many reasons why tourists are coming back and forth from their country to the city of Sydney and we hope that you could take the time to know the some of the best restaurants in Sydney.

Ester, foodie places in Sydney

ESTER restaurant has this intimate, warm and secluded vibe wherein you could definitely feel the importance of privacy while you are munching on your food. One great detail that is also noticeable when you enter the restaurant is the large wooden oven that would truly make you feel warm in the cold weather in Sydney. Their menu is something that you must not ignore because there is just so much to choose from. If you are craving for sausages or pigtails then this is the restaurant that you should visit. Here are their other best-sellers: Ester Sourdough, Roasted Oysters, Salmon Roe, Potato Scallops, Blood Sausage, Raw Kingfish, Cheddar Pie, Leaf Salad, Roast Corn, Ricotta Dumplings, Bone Marrow, King Prawns, Fish Fillet and much more.

Sepia, foodie places in Sydney

SEPIA is considered a hidden gem in the local corporate buildings in the Darling Park precinct. If you go to SEPIA, you will enjoy the jazz vibe of the ambience and interior. SEPIA is one of the most visited foodie places in Sydney because of their amazing drinks and you will truly feel at home. If you are a wine lover then this is the best place to visit and enjoy. This restaurant offers 4 amazing courses and to truly make the most out of your eating time, try their degustation and you will surely not regret it. Here are their best-sellers: Saikou Salmon, Smoked Roe, Sudachi, Calendula, Tempura Oba Loaf, Sugar Cured Egg Yolk, Cobia, Dashi Cream, Water Chestnut, Nori, Dashi Jelly, Spanner Crab and much more to choose from.

Monopole- foodie places in Sydney

MONOPOLE is another favourite for wine lovers. This place is everyone’s favourite hang-out place because it has this intimate vibe that is very infectious to the point that you will be more relaxed conversing with people. MONOPOLE has set a community of people who gather every now and then to talk and mingle with one another. Food isn’t the only great thing about this place but the people as well. If you want to their best-sellers, see the following: Sydney Rock Oysters, Iggy’s Sourdough Bread, House Cured Beef Pastrami, Lamb Ribs, Blue Mackerel and much more.

Kensingtion, food places in Sydney

Located in the Old Clare Hotel in Chippendale is KENSINGTON. KENSINGTON has an industrial ceiling and it has concrete and definite pillars that will give you the regal and sophisticated vibe. KENSINGTON offers great food as well. Some of their best sellers include the following: Peking Duck, Shandong Chicken, Salt Baked Chicken, Broth Chicken & Vegetable, Princess Chicken, Chinaman’s Hat, Crab Meat with Egg White, Salt & Pepper King Prawns, King Prawns in Chili Sauce and much more.

William street, foodie places in Sydney
(photo source: where to tonight)

10 WILLIAM STREET is located in the city of Paddington. This restaurant is famous for its Italian dishes that will surely make your mouth water. 10 WILLIAM STREET is a wine and food place where people from all around the world gather to eat and hang out with people. 10 WILLIAM STREET has an inviting atmosphere that will make you keep coming back.

Six penny, foodie places in Sydney
(photo source: Dimmi)

This cool restaurant is named after the sixpenny restaurants from many years ago. SIXPENNY is a degustation restaurant which is a brave and bold move. SIXPENNY is one of the most frequented restaurants in Sydney because of their great space and ambiance and amazing menu. The interior is simple and well-crafted so everyone will totally feel at home. Their best-sellers are the following: Japanese Cucumber, Green Tomato & Cheese Gougeres, Pumpkin Scallop, Spanner Crab, Spanish Mackerel, Aged Lamb RumMackerelny more.

Sydney is definitely the number one food place in Australia so better pay the city a visit!

Author bio: Mark Aldrin R. Hipolito is a daytime writer for Brooklyn Depot, one of Australia’s best food places that offer burgers and brew. Mark also writes about the best food places in Australia and some parts of the world in order to attract the foodies to devour great food.  

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