Beat the heat with these summer coolers

With the average temperature rising across the country and the sun beating down on us, we need to deal with summer bummers. Heat strokes and […]


ASIA MEETS PARRAMATTA! 6 ASIAN RESTAURANTS TO VISIT IN PARRAMATTA   Parramatta is an amazing place full of people’s much-needed relaxation and adventures. From history […]

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Recipe with Basmati Rice

Continuing from the earlier post ‘Basmati Rice-The Hero Rice‘. … the following is a Kashmiri Dry Fruit and Vegetable Biryani recipe. You can prepare in […]

Basmati Rice – The Hero Rice

Rice is the seed of the grass Oryza Sativa (Asian rice) or Oryza glaberrima (African Rice). As a cereal grain, it is the widely consumed […]

These Finger-Licking Dishes Prove That Jordan Wins At Food, Hands Down

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3 Tarragon Recipes to Try Out

Continuing from my earlier post on Tarragon, the following are 3 recipes with tarragon that you could try. [tweetshare tweet=”#Recipes with #Tarragon” username=”wizmagic1″]  Baby Potatoes […]

Herb It Up With Tarragon

Tarragon is a popular and versatile herb with a name that sounds like a character from the popular TV series, Game Of Thrones! It’s soft, […]

Guava and Goat Cheese Layer Cake

I discovered this cake when Joe and I first moved in together and got access to his cookbooks. He also made an amazing seared Ahi […]