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Life is a Peach!


Peaches are a stone fruit related to nectarines, cherries, and plums. Peaches have a soft fuzzy skin which is red on a yellow to a pale yellow almost golden background. Peaches are sweet, golden background. Peaches are sweet, a good source of Vitamin C and contain a good amount of other minerals especially potassium and are a great source of dietary fibre.


In Chinese culture, peaches are considered a symbol of immortality and friendship and are found in many Chinese artworks. Most cultivated peaches are divided into clingstone or freestone, depending on whether their flesh sticks to the stone or not; both varieties can have either white or yellow fresh.

The scientific name persica, along with the word “peach” is derived from an early European belief that peaches were native to Persia. The ancient Romans referred to peach as Malum persicum or Persian apple and the scientific or botanical name Prunus Persica literally means “Persian Plum”.


Peach cultivation went from China, through Persia, and reached Greece by 300 BC. Alexander the Great introduced the fruit into Europe after he conquered the Persians. The Peach was brought to the Americas by Spanish explorers in the 16th century and eventually made it to England and France in the 17th century, where it was a prized and expensive treat.

Peaches grow in a fairly limited range of dry, continental or temperate climates, since the trees have a chilling requirement that tropical areas cannot satisfy, except at high altitudes like in parts of India, Nepal, Ecuador, Colombia and also Ethiopia.

Health benefits

  • Beta carotene is responsible for eye health and peaches contain a high amount of the antioxidant, along with vitamins A and C. Regular consumption of peaches can improve your vision health by increasing blood circulation through the body. The beta carotene also nourished and protects the retina in your eyes from free radical damage, as well as helping to prevent cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.
  • Peaches being a great source of vitamin A and C, which are highly essential for skin health. Vitamin A provides moisture in the skin, which improves the skin texture making it soft and supple. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from radical damage. Just one peach a day can keep your skin glowing and flawless. You can also rub peaches directly on your skin to help get rid of dark circles and wrinkles.
  • Peaches are fat-free and contain an average of only 68 calories. The high amount of sugar in peaches is natural and therefore does not have an adverse effect on health. If you are on a weight-loss mission, having peaches handy will help you avoid more fattening and unhealthy processed snacks.
  • Peaches are rich in anti-oxidants that help prevent cancerous cell growth. Peaches are known particularly for effectively protecting the body against lung, colon, and oral cancer.
  • Eating peaches on a daily basis may help control high cholesterol and problems that lead to diabetes and heart diseases. This is mainly because peaches contain phenolic compounds that prevent the oxidation of low-density lipoprotein or LDL cholesterol. Also, foods rich in beta-carotene like peaches are good for lowering the cholesterol level in the bloodstream.
  • One large peach contains a high amount of potassium and is very low in sodium, which helps in maintaining healthy blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, then have a peach daily to combat the problem.
  • Peaches have an excellent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

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7 Food trucks in Kolkata

food trucks in kolkata

If you are a traveler in Kolkata, or hungry after the street shopping in Kolkata then you might want to check out these food trucks in Kolkata. They have been trending in the culinary field.  Different styles of food appeal to different palates.

Following are some food truck experiences listed:

  • Agdum Bagdum
agdumbagdum-food trucks in Kolkata

Location: Near Ekdalia Evergreen Club, Opposite Indusind Bank, Gariahat, Kolkata

Home delivery number: +91 9007989999

The food truck is a new concept. Location wise it’s just beside ekdalia evergreen club opposite CCD. Took chicken popcorn and risotto rice combo. We found the popcorn chicken quite similar to those of KFC. It was soft no doubt. Coming to the Risotto rice bowl, one will find gravy-infused rice, a few pieces of chicken, and an egg.

We ordered a huge chicken burger. The chicken burgers are pretty ample in amount. A lot of fries are served as compared to most other places. Drinks are reasonably priced. As for the burritos, definitely sufficient enough to fill anyone.

  • Thank God It’s Fresh
Image courtesy- Thank God It's Fresh Fb page. -Food trucks in Kolkata
Image courtesy- Thank God It’s Fresh Fb page.

Location: Near Calcutta Rowers Club, Location Varies, Southern Avenue, Kolkata

Contact: +91 9674999819

It is hiked right next to Rabindra Sarovar, near the CRC gate. We ordered:
• Grilled Mushroom Sandwich
• Virgin mojito
Both were really good. Especially the sandwich. Ample filling and really good to taste.  Tasted their chicken cheese balls which were yummy and the best part was they were baked and not fried. Loved the innovation.

This food truck is pretty remarkable with its well-systematized set of appliances and quite a neat cooking arrangement. It serves a variety of delicacies, especially continental. The place opens up at 5 a.m., making it a breakfast destination as well.

  • Hungry Hands
Hungry Hands The Food Truck Image courtesy-FB page-Food trucks in Kolkata
Hungry Hands The Food Truck
Image courtesy-FB page

Location: Princep ghat (Scoop)

Contact: +91 9874215795 or +91 9836193919

The food truck serves various kinds of dishes. We had ordered chicken chow mien and chili chicken combo. The food arrived after ten minutes. The chow mien was delightful. The chili chicken was also tasty. The meatballs were dainty; they were properly fried. We loved the meal.

  • Chai Talks

Location: Varies, Lake Gardens, Kolkata

Contact: +91 9830339395

The lemon iced tea was a treat.  Though it is a small stall but it is worth a try. The Boba ripe mango is too good. Very refreshing. Really innovative concept.

  • Cooks on Wheels

Location: 9, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, New Market Area, Kolkata

Contact: +91 9830035882

Food quality is very good, quantity more than sufficient.  We had ordered a plate of egg chow mien and a plate of chili chicken and felt it was enough for two people. The price is very reasonable too.

  • Foodie Roadie
Foodie roadie- Kolkata food trucks
Foodie roadie
Image courtesy FB page

Location: 19/C, Sarat Bose Road, Elgin, Kolkata

Contact: +91 8334887777

Here you can choose a wide variety of non-veg fast food. The taste is awesome. A nice place to check out.

  • That Food truck

Location: Near RDB Boulevard, Sector 5, Salt Lake

Contact: +91 9830221279

The cuisines served here are burgers, fast food, and street food.

So, if you are a street food lover and want to have local cuisine in a hygienic way then food trucks are the best option.

Disclaimer: The contact numbers given above are subject to change.

Top Five Food Trucks In Hyderabad For a Lip-Smacking Foodie

Food trucks in hyderabad

Food trucks have become a trend in the culinary field. It is one of the effective ways of enjoying a lot of different styles of food in a unique manner. Many foodie travellers love Hyderabad because of the cuisine of the land. The cuisine was developed for winning the hearts of Nizams of the land. If you are in Hyderabad and are looking for some food truck experience, this article is right for you.

Chettinadu Villas

Food trucks Hyderabad

The lip-smacking dish of Southern India is idli (boiled rice cake) or dosa (Indian pancake). Do you know that there are more than 60 types of idli and dosa? If you want to enjoy some, you can visit Chettinadu Villas. They serve the authentic Chettinadu style food for reasonable price. You can either call them to fix a place if you are travelling in a large group or, you can call them to locate them too.

Specials: Cheese Dosa, Mutton Idli, and Idiyappam

Where: Indira Nagar Service Lane, Gachibowli

Timings: From 6: 30 PM till midnight

Phone Number: 7799002711

Hungry Parrots

Food trucks in Hyderabad

Lebanese food is known for its meat-filled flavours. They have a juicy mixture of meat and vegetables with soft Arabic bread. Shawarma is a very common and tasty Arabic food. If you are looking for Arabic food in Hyderabad, you can always rely on Hungry Parrots. This truck is known for their quick delivery time.

Specials: Different Styles of Shawarma

Where: Hitech City Road, Madhapur

Timings: 5:30 PM to 12:30 AM

Yum Stop

Food trucks in Hyderabad

Yum Stop is a new food truck that is getting more famous in Hyderabad. This truck is famous for Indian and Chinese cuisine. The most interesting part of this truck is that the menu keeps changing every day. It is a bit hard to find the same menu again soon. You can call them to locate them. This truck has earned good reviews from media. Seating is not available. High food quality can be expected and the proof to the quality is that the truck has great crowd even after midnight.

Specials: Bread Omelette, Dosa Bandis, Sandwiches, Bonda

Where: Near Dapalla Hotels, Jubilee Hills

Timing: 10 PM till 3 AM

Phone Number: 7032997796


Food trucks in Hyderabad

As the name indicates, this place is for Mexican food lovers. You would be astonished to see the quality of Mexican food that you can enjoy in South India. This truck is available for business even during day time. Tacos, burritos, and every other Mexican food can be found here. This place is for those who are ready to taste so spicy food. Home delivery is also available. Seating arrangements are not available and thus, only take outs are possible.

Speciality: Nachos and Salsa

Where: Wipro Office, Gachibowli or beside Phoenix Avance hub

Timing: 12:30 PM to 11:30 PM

Phone Number: 040- 3165016

Fat Cow Creamery

Food trucks in Hyderabad

This is the truck for sweet lovers. While south India tour goers prepare themselves for spicy food, this truck is a proof that the cuisine is capable of adding various flavours of frozen desserts to your plate. Starting from ice creams to all kinds of desserts, this truck is the home for sweet tooth holders. This adorable little blue trailer would remind you of the ice cream truck that used to ring bells to attract children in suburbs. The speciality of this truck is ice cream served on a roll. It is your regular ice cream with exotic fruits and chips, still it looks different. There are no seats available so only a takeaway is possible. Vegetarians can also enjoy these desserts.

Speciality:  Berry Berry Ice Cream, Oreo and Cream and Banana Ice Cream in Roll

Timing: 1 PM to 12:30 AM

Where: Usually At Banjara Hills

Phone Number: 7036111213

Food trucks are in common from the 18th century. This is the best way for those who want to enjoy street food authentic to the local cuisine in a hygienic way. Communicate with the locals or use any apps like Zomato to find some interesting food trucks near you.

Food trucks in Hyderabad

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