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Best Places of Interest in Singapore

Singapore is the place of romance and luxury. Believe it or not, the small-town state has more wealth than anywhere else in the world. Moreover, Singapore is not only about high-end shopping malls and luxury hotel rooms. You can also enjoy fine wine, some family and couple-friendly attractions to experience, diverse culture to soak yourself, and history to explore. The public places are also very serene and calm that you will enjoy spending your time here with your close ones.

Moreover, Singapore public transportation is getting more convenient and more comfortable day by day. If you understand their metro system, you can quickly move from the town to another town in a jiffy. Also, there would be no language problems as English is their common language and you can converse freely with the nation. Singapore is a fascinating Southeast Asian nation, and you can experience your stay here with your mates as long as you are not comparing it with its fellow countries Thailand or Vietnam, in terms of money.

Undoubtedly, the Merlion City is rich in heritage, so tons of places are there to visit and to do. Here we have shared our best picks. Have a look and just go for it.

A Beautiful Travel Attraction, Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the bay, best places in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay is indeed almost every traveller’s first choice to put it in the bucket list. Why not? The place is so beautiful that it feels like you are living in an imaginative world. The Marina Bay has the most amazing Supertree Grove and becomes even quieter at night. The Gardens by the Bay have so many attractions including Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, where visitors are ought to stop by. You can also opt for the promenade to enjoy a fine dine with your fellow travellers.

Don’t Forget to Visit Little India and Arab Street

Little India, best places in Singapore

In Singapore, Little India and Arab Street are also the two central displays that backpackers crave to experience. The place feels like a lost paradise with so many little shops, luxury cafes, and historical heritages. Also, when you visit the Arab Street, you get to experience some old-age structures, shopping malls, delicious Arabian cuisines, and more. When it comes to Little Indian, you enjoy a small community of Indian foods and culture that leave you wanting for more. In this place, you also get to visit several shopping malls and eateries that offer Indian cuisines. Also, don’t forget to visit the most famous Indian Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple here.

See the City from Singapore Flyer

Singapore flyer, best places in Singapore

If you catch the view of Singapore from the above, you will notice it is a heavenly pleasure. You get a view of the entire place from the high flyer, and the sunset looks fantastic in this sightseer point. The Singapore Flyer is an investigation dynamo, which is Asia’s one of the most massive giant wheels. The best thing about the ride is that kids love it!

There are more about Singapore’s exciting, adventurous trips that you need to know. Get in touch with our Pickyourtrail to avail lucrative Singapore tour packages and enjoy your journey!

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How to Visit Singapore With a Low Travel Budget

Singapore city fountain

Singapore is an excellent travel destination although it comes at a cost. However, there are numerous ways in which one can still enjoy a visit to Singapore on a budget. Obviously, you need to research and come up with some helpful ways to save money. Travel experts agree that holidaymakers can still enjoy the trip while saving a lot of money in Singapore.

Here are some tips on how to go about this

Saving on a Plane Ticket

Fake plane ticket
Travel around the world plane ticket clipart- Image credit- Pinterest

The biggest cost when preparing for an overseas trip is the plane ticket. In fact, most people do not travel overseas since they cannot raise the money for the plane ticket. If you want to save on this cost, it is advisable that you buy the plane ticket in advance. No matter where you are coming from, you will always find affordable return tickets under the economy class of your major airline. You can also compare different airlines that operate on your route to find the one that is best. Purchasing air travel insurance will provide you with the assurance that your money will not be wasted no matter what.

Budget Accommodation

Do you know that Singapore offers numerous budget accommodation services? The most important part is to identify them. For those who want to stay for a couple of days, accommodation can be a major cost. Instead of choosing a five-star hotel, find a basic and clean hotel that offers relatively small rooms and a wi-fi connection. Better still, one can opt for furnished units with a kitchen especially when travelling with the family.

Public Transport

Singapore public transport
bus Singapore transport yellow bus city road
Image credit-pixabay

Singapore has an amazing public transport system that is convenient no matter where you are travelling. Rail transport is the most popular and cheapest of them all. If it does not reach where you need to go, you can still use a public bus or van.

Various authorities do offer shuttle services that you can use. Some of them include airport transfer service, city tours and a trip to the Singapore Zoo. If you can keep the taxi and private travel arrangements to a minimum, you will save a lot of money.

Eating at the Hawkers’ Kiosks

The fear of eating unhygienic food should be put aside. The Lion City is relatively clean compared to many other Asian countries. For a person who is on a budget, there is a need to save money on food. There is no better place to buy cheap food in Singapore than a hawker’s stall. Surprisingly, they make delicious food that is similar to food found in a fine restaurant. Their menu is diverse as well.

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Drink Tap Water in Singapore

Tap water in Singapore
Water pouring from a faucet into a clear glass cup. | by usepagov

The Singapore authorities have put a lot of effort into providing people with clean and potable water. They have declared tap water to be safe for drinking. You should not hesitate to refill your water bottle in preparation for the day’s trip ahead. There are also many other ways to save on costs while in Singapore. Knowing all these tips will ensure that you enjoy your trip while spending little money.

So if you are planning to visit this wonderful country, with considering all the above tips, you can visit Visa Express Consultancy for assistance with travel documents.

What is your favourite street food? Part 2

laksa, Singapore street food

Continuing my series on What is your favourite street food?

Singapore is multiracial so essentially there is a wide variety of foods coming from different cultures, such as Chinese, Malay, Indians, Eurasians, etc..

However, there are some foods which are popular and you can get them in any “food courts: basically, a canteen filled with stalls selling different kinds of foods/ street food“

This list basically is comprised some of what I feel Singaporeans like, so no hates, please

Please note: personally I define street food as the food served in food courts.

Street food Singapore

Chicken Rice

Chicken rice- Singapore street food
Chicken rice- Singapore street food

This food is essentially rice mixed with chicken which is either Roasted or Steamed ( sometimes they have fried chicken), the rice is much different from normal rice as it has that distinct chicken flavour taste and the sauce is so good ( I literally have no complex words in which I can describe it ) And for most chicken rice dishes it will come with a soup ( chicken soup/ sometimes it’s bean soup, again I’m not too sure because I lack the ability to advocate this, you will have to come to my country to experience it first-hand :p ) which has freshly chopped green onions in it.

This dish originated from the Southern Province of China ( Hainan ) And has made its way here in Singapore, over time it has become popularised among Singaporeans and thus I feel that this deserves to be one of the best foods on the list.

Fun fact: We do have a stall in Singapore which is considered to be one of the cheapest Michelin restaurants ( if I’m not wrong, one bowl of chicken rice costs $2.50 USD ) in the world, and it sells Chicken Rice so you know it’s the real deal 🙂

Nasi Lemak

This dish originated from our neighbouring country: Malaysia, however again it has found its way among us Singaporeans and into one of the most popular dishes in Singapore.

It usually comprises of Boiled eggs, rice cooked in coconut milk, Ikan Bilis ( anchovies ), beans, cucumber and chilli padi ( birds eye chilli ) the dish does vary though as sometimes you can have beef, curry, chicken in the dish as well. ( again do correct me if I made any mistakes.)

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This dish is honestly so delicious.

laksa, Singapore street food

This dish originated from SouthEast Asia and has made its way here into Singapore, establishing itself as possibly one of the most famous dish in Singapore! It comprises of Noodles, Boiled Egg and Prawn, the soup itself has this sort of creamy sweet and spicy taste but the mixture is just really good.

It’s a Peranakan dish.

Roti Prata

Any true-blue Singaporean would have certainly tried this dish!

roti paratha, Singapore street food

This is Called Roti Prata and is an Indian dish. It is essentially a flat bread that is fried and is usually served with curry ( the curry can differ from vegetable curry to fish curry ). Whichever it maybe it is extremely popular here in Singapore and it can be seen by many people eating it!!

Quick tip: I would recommend this Indian stall located at Kebun Baru it has one of the best ( in my opinion ) best Roti Prata I have ever tried, seriously the crust is crisp and the curry is just fantastic.

Last but not least

Mixed Rice

is essentially a dish starting as rice as the base, where the person gets to choose dishes which are differed according to prices. Essentially turning that empty and sad-looking rice dish into a canvas filled with greens and beans!! I personally love this form of street food as I’m able to do as many combinations as I wish ( steamed egg with long beans and potatoes YUM!, chicken and tofu and fish? Count me in! )

I have to give lots of credit to this dish as essentially this dish is a dish which can be varied in many different ways in which I can imagine!

Anyways, if you have noticed the dishes that are the most popular in Singapore are from different ethnic and groups. Singapore is a diverse society mixed with different race and religion.

These are just some of the most popular dishes in Singapore, there are however even more but I can’t add in as much due to time constraints.

So, what is your favourite street food?


15 Amazing Attractions You Should Not Miss in Singapore

Gardens by the bay, Singapore attractions

Singapore is just a tiny red dot on the world map. However, this city-state is an ultra-modern country with world-class amenities, making it one of the best holiday destinations. Moreover, it is clean and almost 100% crime-free. While the city is full of skyscrapers and luxurious buildings, Singapore has been able to preserve its cultural essence with places like Little India and Chinatown. Moreover, you do not have to spend your entire holiday inside the concrete jungle. On the other hand, Singapore has some of best zoos, parks and open-air activities that anyone would enjoy. With a variety of places and activities available in Singapore, it is one of the best places to go on a family holiday.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo, Singapore attractions
Image credit – Shutterstock

One of the major attractions that interest adults and children alike is the Singapore Zoo. The Singapore Zoo is not the traditional zoo but has open exhibits with moats, hidden barriers and glass separating the animals from the visitors. This rainforest zoo is home to 315 species of animals and has the largest colony of orangutans. Apart from orangutans, you would get to see African lion, white tiger, cheetah, wolverine, polar bear, white rhinoceros, large flying fox, leopard, mountain lion and several other wild animals in this zoo. Moreover, the zoo also hosts some interesting shows like Breakfast with an Orangutan, Elephants at Work and Play, Splash Safari, Animal Friends and Rainforest Fights Back.

Night Safari

Singapore night safari, Singapore attractions
Image credit – Shutterstock

Just adjacent to the Singapore Zoo is the Singapore Night Safari which is the first nocturnal zoo not just in the city-state but also in the entire world. The Night Safari has seven geographical zones which can be explored by tram or by foot using one of the 4 walking trails. The Indian Subcontinent, Himalayan Foothills, Asian Riverine Forest, Burmese Hillside, Nepalese River Valley and equatorial Africa are some of the exhibits you would find here, while the Fishing Cat, Wallaby, Leopard trail, east Lodge Trail are the trails that you can follow if you want to explore the place on foot. The lighting here resembles actual moonlight (slightly brighter) to give the nocturnal animals a setting same as their natural environment. Apart from viewing Asian elephants, Indian rhinoceros, and other such wild animals, you would also get to enjoy some great shows like Thumbuakar Show and Creatures of the Night Show.

River Safari

River Safari, Singapore attractions
Image credit – Shutterstock

Right in between the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari is located the River Safari which is a river-themed zoo as well as an aquarium. The place offers riverboat rides and freshwater attractions that attract thousands of people here every year. During your tour on the River Safari, you get to see 10 different ecosystems including Mississippi, River Nile, Yangtze River, Tundra, and Amazon. The park has around 5000 animals amongst 300 species some of which are West Indian manatees, red pandas, squirrel monkeys, giant otters, Chinese alligators, paddlefish, golden pheasants, Mekong freshwater stingrays, electric eels, etc. While all this interesting, the major highlight of this park is the Amazon River quest which is a boat ride on the Amazon River where you would get to see more than 30 wildlife species including red and black howler monkeys, golden-headed lion tamarins, capybaras, collared peccaries, giant anteaters, jaguars, etc.

Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park, Singapore attractions
Image credit – Shutterstock

Jurong Bird Park is an open aviary that is home to more than 5000 birds amongst 380 bird species. The park covers 49 acres of area and is divided into different exhibits as per geography. You would have a great time looking at African Waterfall Aviary, Dinosaur Descendants, Lory Loft, Wings of Asia, Pelican Cove, Penguin Coast and World of Darkness. While visiting these exhibits are fun, you should also not miss the interesting shows that are available here. High Flyers Show is a show where you can enjoy a performance by talented birds, and Kings of the Skies Show give you the opportunity to watch eagles, falcons, hawks and other birds of prey put up a great show. Another interesting show is having lunch with the parrots. The Jurong Bird Park is a great place to visit if you are looking for things to do in Singapore with family, especially for kids.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the bay, Singapore attractions
Image credit – Shutterstock

Right in the middle of the sprawling city of Singapore lies a green haven called the Gardens by the Bay. Located right next to the Marina Reservoir, this park has three waterfront gardens, namely Bay East Garden, Bay South Garden and Bay Central Garden. The landscape design of this park is awe-inspiring combing garden artistry and tropical horticulture quite beautifully. There are two conservatories in the park which are Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. Another highlight of this park is the Supertree Grove where you would find huge tree-like structures which work as environmental engineers. The best time to visit this park is in the evening when the supertrees glow with lights and music. The park also has a Children’s Garden and other horticultural themed gardens.

Merlion Park

Merlion Park, Singapore attractions
Image credit – Shutterstock

Your visit to Singapore would not be complete without a visit to Merlion Park which is home to the idol of Singapore’s mascot, the Merlion which has the head of a lion and body of fish. The Merlion Park is a landmark of Singapore and has two statues of the Merlion. The bigger statue is 8.6 meters in height and spouts water from its mouth while the shorter one is 2 meters tall. The park is near the Marina Bay area and hence gives you the opportunity to admire the marvellous skyline of the place. On the other hand, you can take a tour on the Singapore River and explore places like Clarke Quay.

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Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island, Singapore attractions
Image credit – Shutterstock

If you are looking for pure fun and entertainment after a lot of sightseeing, Sentosa Island is a place you must definitely visit. The place is a separate island away from mainland Singapore and has a beach, two golf courses, several luxurious hotels, water parks, a Merlion statue and a fort too. With so many attractions and resorts, you can possibly spend your entire holiday in Sentosa. However, you should not miss the attractions in Singapore and hence plan to spend at least a few days on this amazing island. Some of the attractions that you should not miss when in Sentosa Island are Tiger Sky Tower, Butterfly Park and the Insect Kingdom, The Wings of Time, Fort Siloso, Sentosa 4D Adventureland, Madame Tussauds, MegaZip Adventure Park, iFly Singapore, Wave House, Sentosa Nature Discovery and the Skyline Luge & Skyride. Universal Studios Singapore is also one of the major highlights of Sentosa Island.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore flyer, Singapore attractions
Image credit – Shutterstock

If you want to see the whole of Singapore and maybe catch a glimpse of the neighbouring countries of Malaysia and Indonesia, you must go on a ride of the Singapore Flyer. Consisting of 28 capsules, each with a capacity of holding 28 passengers, the Singapore Flyer is one giant Ferris wheel that would give you a 360o bird’s eye view of the entire city. You can take a look at all the iconic landmarks of the city including Raffles Place, Empress Place, Merlion Park, Singapore River, etc. during your journey on the Ferris wheel. The Singapore Flyer is also available for premium sky ding and champagne flight if you want to make the evening even more special.


Little India and Chinatown, Singapore attractions
Little India and Chinatown

If you want to take a break from the glitz and glamour of Singapore and explore the culture and heritage of the place, Chinatown is the place you must visit. There are temples to visit, museums to explore and plenty of shopping to be done from the various old shops that line the street. Some of the major attractions of the place are Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, Sri Mariamman Temple, Red Dot Design Museum, Thian Hock Keng Temple, Hong Lim Park, Singapore City Gallery, Singapore Coin and Notes Museum, etc. You must also save some energy to explore Chinatown Street Market where you can shop and eat to your heart’s content.

Little India

Little Italy-Singapore attractions
Image credit – Shutterstock

Just across Chinatown is another ethnic district of Singapore called Little India. Little India is where Indian immigrants lived during the period of colonization. Today, this area is one of the most vibrant and bustling parts of the city. This place preserves and reflects the Indian culture beautifully the temples, shops, and restaurants. Little India is a great place for shopping. The Mustafa Centre is a 24 hours mall and sells everything from clothes to electronics. You must also check out Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, Tekka Centre, and Jothi Store & Flower Shop when in this part of the city. Apart from this, Little India also has several restaurants that serve delicious North Indian and South Indian delicacies.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore attractions
Image credit – Shutterstock

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a tropical garden which is 158 years old and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making it one of the places to visit in sightseeing. The park has a three-core concept which includes the Tanglin Core, Central Core, and Bukit Timah Core, each of which offers something unique and interesting to see. The garden has added a fourth score to it recently, the Tyersall-Gallop which includes a tour of the rainforest that exists inside the park. Another thing that you should not miss here is the National Orchid Garden which is home to more than 1000 orchids of different colours as well as hybrids. The place is a great place to have a stroll when you want to get away from the crowd and noise of the city.

Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

Marina Bay Sands Sky Park Singapore, Singapore attractions
Image credit – Shutterstock

The Marina Bay Sands Resort is one of the iconic structures of Singapore. The hotel comprises of three tall buildings and a wooden decked area on top which is the Sky Park. Sky Park has an observation deck which gives you a 360o view of the entire city. Apart from this, the place has a museum, an event space, a retail space where you can shop for the world’s most popular brands, theatres and several cafes and restaurants. However, the highlight of the place is the infinity pool. However, you cannot take a dip in the pool if you are not a guest at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Nevertheless, do not miss the chance to take a look at this amazing pool that gives an amazing view of the city.

Orchard Road

Orchard road, Singapore attractions
Image credit – Shutterstock

No holiday can be complete without shopping. If you love shopping, you must head to Orchard Road which is not just Singapore but also Asia’s most famous shopping street. It is a haven for shopping lovers as you would find street shops, speciality stores as well as boutiques at this place. You can buy everything from fast fashion and ethnic wares to designer labels at this place. There are also several eateries, restaurants, and cafes where you can have delicious meals and hang out leisurely. As it is one of the happening places in the city, you should not miss visiting Orchard Road even if shopping is not something you enjoy.

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Universal Studios

Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore attractions
Image credit – Shutterstock

Although a part of Sentosa Island, Universal Studios does need a special mention. This theme park is something you should visit if you love movies and Hollywood. The park has several theme zones which include Hollywood, New York, Far Far Away, Sci-Fi City, The Lost World, Madagascar and Ancient Egypt. Not only can you visit the locations of your favourite movies but can also meet your favourite movie characters. Apart from this, the numerous thrilling rides and roller coasters would definitely hook you to this place.

Clarke Quay

Clark Quay, Singapore attractions
Image credit- Shutterstock

If you want to explore and enjoy Singapore’s nightlife, Clarke Quay is the place you must visit. This historical site is along the Singapore River and has some great restaurants, cafes, pubs, and nightclubs of the city. The place is also great for those who are seeking adventure. The G-MAX Reverse Bungee is a place for those who would like to fly, while the GX-5 Extreme Swing gives you the opportunity for free fall 40 meters in the air. If you want to visit this place with your children, it would be best to do so in the day. However, it is during the night-time that the place lits up with different colours and lights. If you want to have a relaxing evening on Clarke Quay, go for one of the Singapore River Cruises.

The city-state of Singapore offers tons of things to locals, residents, and tourists. It is not just beautiful but has several attractions that would keep you interested and busy throughout your holiday.

Akshay Koranne is a travel blogger who loves to travel across the world and shares the experience through travel blogs and articles. Apart from traveling and blogging, he likes playing Chess and Cricket.

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