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A grid is a network of lines that cross each other to form a series of squares or rectangles.

Usually, we avoid having them in our photograph but have captured these subjects in the frame. This week I get to showcase them below.



A peacock spreading its wings
A peacock spreading its wings for a dance.

Looking at the above photos, I feel as I am behind a cage. Maybe, they think the same.


Pristine water body captured from behind a fence.


Children enjoying a joyride from behind a railing.

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*/This post is inspired by WPC Grid, make a grid the centerpiece of your photo./*



The Feel Of Rain
The Feel Of Rain

Rain makes everything beautiful


*/ This post is inspired by ‘The Daily Post weekly photo challenge Monochromatic. A powerful monochromatic image is composed of a gradient of a single color and has an emphasis on texture and composition./*


Image source

No prizes, for guessing this. It is Mumbai Sea Link. South Mumbai is connected to North Mumbai via the sea-link. It was inaugurated in the year 2009 and is a boon for people of Mumbai.  Prior to this, Mahim Causeway was the only road connecting the western suburbs to Mumbai’s central business district. This north-southwestern corridor became a bottleneck and was highly congested at peak hours. The Western Freeway project was proposed to span the entire western coastline of Mumbai to ease congestion. The Bandra–Worli Sea-Link (BWSL), a bridge over Mahim Bay, was proposed as the first phase of this freeway system, offering an alternative route to the Mahim Causeway.

8523349267_9707840a42_b(cable stayed bridge)
Image source

Here is a view from the car over this cable stayed bridge. A beautiful view of the sea as you drive over it. BWSL, officially called Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link, was designed as the first cable-stayed bridge to be constructed in open seas in India. It was designed by Seshadri Srinivasan and constructed by Hindustan Construction Company, India.

The construction began in the year 2000. The construction of the bridge’s structure presented major engineering challenges.The pylons have a complex geometry and the main span over the Bandra channel is one of the longest spans of concrete deck attempted. Balancing these engineering complexities with the aesthetics of the bridge presented significant challenges for the project.

The superstructure of the viaducts were the heaviest precast segments to be built in India. They were built using a span-by-span method using overhead gantry through a series of vertical and horizontal curves. The 20,000 tonne Bandra-end span of the bridge deck is supported by stay cables within a very close tolerance of deviations in plan and elevation. The Bandra–Worli Sea Link was the first infrastructure project in Mumbai to use seismic arresters. These will enable it to withstand earthquakes measuring up to 7.0 on the Richter scale.

An engineering marvel keeps Mumbai connected.

*/This post was inspired by Weekly Photo Challenge Connected/*

Creepy snake

This week, share an image of something creepy. Unsettling. Eerie. Disgusting.

4783089166_b89e993538_o_d (Joe townsend)
Green Snake (image source)

Snake looks scary for us and we look scary for the snake! Always try to see yourself from the eyes of others!

*/ This post was inspired by the daily post photo challenge Creepy  /*

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