WPC: H20-The Waterfall

H2O is the chemical formula for water. It describes water broken down into its elements. For me, the waterfall symbolises unleashed creativity in a constant fluid shape that is ever-changing and renewing. It symbolises openness, flexibility, power, form and spirituality which is a primordial symbol association with water in its countless expressions.   In literature, water is associated […]

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Being in a hot air balloon is a wonderful feeling, floating among the clouds. A hot air balloon is a balloon bag or “envelope” which is made of reinforced nylon fabric. The envelope is treated with a polyurethane coating to make it more airtight and to assist the fabric in bearing the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

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The above image has a curve at Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia. The sunlight flashes off your windshield, and when I look up into the small, posted mirror, I watch you diminish–my echo, my twin– and vanish around a curve in this whip of a road we can’t help traveling together.” ~ William Collins Long stretches

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Pure Rain

Rain, feel it on my finger tipsHear it on my window pane Rain, wash away my sorrowTake away my pain Rain is what the thunder bringsFor the first time I can hear my heart sing  (Madonna-Rain) The pure first drops of rain always bring a smile on my face when they fall on leaves. The

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