The feeling of flying in the balloon is indescribable. Once in the hot air balloon, it does not feel as if you are on an edge of a cliff.  There is a feeling of weightlessness as you drift along. You are floating in the air.

The wind is an essential factor to be considered for a balloon ride.


Hot air balloon

Hot air balloon in Jaipur, India

You get mesmerised by the aerial view of the fabulous Amber Fort, Jal Mahal and the aerial view of Jaipur. Jaipur is a real adventure destination. It is a once in a lifetime and exhilarating hot air balloon flight. Jaipur also called the ´Pink City’, has magnificent forts and palaces.

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 */This post is inspired by Weekly Photo challenge Weight(less). This week, share a photo of something marked by its weight — or its air of weightlessness. Show us gravity at its most unforgiving, or most generous.