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Top 10 Best Hidden Places In India

Continuing my series on What are the best and hidden places in India? Part 8 Land of untouched beauty, INDIA! Home to mighty mountains of Kashmir to breath taking vista of oceans at South, makes it one of the most beautiful places on earth. Exhibiting a number of natural attractions and unexplored sites at different corners of country, India is a lot more than curries and Bollywood! Picturesque valleys, historic towns, natural coastlines and rich culture of this country is enough to tempt you out to book cheap flights to India. India’s top three destinations; Delhi, Agra and Jaipur renowned as the classic Golden Triangle is the perfect route for you to squeeze it into a week. Besides the classic, the land of diversity caters the Mughal Magic, Spiritual sites, beaches and waterways, thrilling wildlife encounters and not to forget the trekking on majestic mountains. Planning a tour to INCREDIBLE India can be mind-boggling for international travellers as this diverse land has lots to offer. Crazy, Beautiful, Overwhelming and Fantastic! All these things collectively make India! Being one of world’s most astounding architecture, the best way to explore India’s most beautiful places is by slowing down! To extract best out of your trip, focus on a few destinations rather than ticking off as many as possible! Escape the monotonous routine, grab cheap flights for India and go out and...

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Hidden Gems in India to Visit Before You Die

Continuing my series on What are the best and hidden places to visit in India? Part 7 India is a land of many adventures, treasures and surprises. Though tourism in our subcontinent is a fast growing sector but there are many special places that only real travelers know and care about. Here are hidden treasures in India that every traveler must visit before they die. Laitmawsiang, Meghalaya This small village located in Khatarshnong Laitkroh Block of East Khasi Hills, is the perfect hideout for people hungry for isolation in the lap of nature. Chettinad Palace, Tamil Nadu Rajasthan is...

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Health Benefits of Dandelion Root Tea

Tea and coffee have the terrible reputation of being mind-altering drugs that are more detrimental to your health than not, but herbal brews like dandelion root tea have many health benefits than you can imagine. Herbal teas have more anti-oxidants that flush out the toxins in your body; they can help you lose weight and maintain your health. For dandelion plants, people can use each part of the plant to create their blend; meaning roots, leaves, and stems can be turned into a health drink. You can mix your concoction at home or shop online; plus, with the various...

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Do you know what is the difference between a sea and ocean?

Both the ocean and sea are large or vast waters-which account for 70 percent of total land area. Even as they’re waters, oceans and seas are different in many ways; First, oceans are waters between the continents, such as Atlantic Ocean separating Africa from North/South America and Europe; Indian Ocean separating India from Africa, Pacific Ocean separating North and South America from Asia. Ocean floor is made up of dense basaltic rock, this is vast continuous body of water, which account for over two-thirds of earth area. The world has seven of these waters: Arctic Oceanthe North Atlantic Oceanthe South Atlantic Oceanthe Indian Oceanthe North Pacific Oceanthe South Pacific Oceanthe Southern (or Antarctic) Ocean On the other hand, a sea is a narrow body of water; smaller in size to ocean. Generally, seas are very close to land or human habitation, and the sea floor is made up of light granite rock of the continent. A sea is mostly enclosed land of water, which could be bodies of waters as shown is this map. The Mediterranean Sea, otherwise known as the Great Sea is a body of water connecting Africa and southern Europe, this water connect twenty-three countries (in Africa, Europe, and Asia) and four territories. Sea Within Sea; Not With Ocean Another difference between sea and ocean is , a sea or seas can be found within another SEA as the case with Mediterranean...

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Monasteries with most beautiful architecture in Sikkim

The north-eastern state of Sikkim is one of the most beautiful states of India. Added as the 22nd state to the Republic of India, Sikkim was once ruled by the royal family of Sikkim. Sikkim is home to the world’s third-highest mountain peak – Mt Kanchenjunga. The stunning Himalayan mountain, ecstatic cultural diversity, organic living, atmospheric calmness, and close-to-nature surroundings bring travelers from around the world to this stunning state. Buddhist Monasteries of Sikkim nestled on the hilltop of mountains are homes for spirituality that drive a lot of travelers to unleash the stress of their city lives. The...

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